The Daily Man-Up: 8 Habits that Separate the Grounded Men from the Boys

October 15, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Man-Up

(photo: @timmarshall)

The most basic distinction between boys and grounded men is that boys act on feelings, men act on vision.

Boys are like a feather in the wind. They allow their emotional state to govern their actions and they decide whether or not to keep their commitments in the heat of the moment.

If they don’t feel like doing something then they don’t.

Boys will hit snooze on their alarm instead of waking up early and doing what needs to be done. They will show up late to meetings. They will procrastinate on their work. They will defer what they should do for what they want to do in the moment.

Men are different.

Men create a crystal clear vision for their future and then base every action on that vision.

It doesn’t matter if a man wants to eat another piece of cake, smoke that cigarette, or sleep in an extra 50 minutes. He knows the vision that he has for his life and he isn’t willing to compromise his future success for pleasure in the present moment.

A strong grounded man is willing to do something that he dislikes, even something that he hates if it will propel him forward towards his vision. Boys will not.

Does this mean that grounded men never compromise? That they never screw up, sleep through an alarm, miss a workout, or cheat on their diet? Of course not!

They are human just like you and me.

But “real” men know that their actions must be congruent with their vision most of the time if they want to survive and thrive in this world.

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