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When a load of beautiful women hang around rich guys, are they paid directly? Just in drinks? Where do they go at the end of the day? Do they hang around rich guys as a job?

Source: I used to work in Las Vegas nightclubs, my friends are hosts at Las Vegas nightclubs and we see/talk about this topic often. We also know many of these girls personally.

There are 3 different types of girls that we’re talking about here.

Atmosphere models, Companions(unpaid atmosphere models), Escorts

Atmosphere Models are attractive girls who are hired by a venue (club/bar etc) to hang out with guests and participate in the day’s activities. They are to dress like normal girls and are not supposed to tell people that they are hired workers, BUT what they do is completely legal. They are hired simply to make the venue look better because ‘hot’ girls hang out there. They are not hired on the basis of being a hooker or an escort. If they happen to have sex with someone after attending the event, that is individual to them and sometimes that happens. I know girls who are atmosphere models who are just normal chicks, they get paid $200 to hang out at the party, and then they go home as soon as they aren’t paid anymore. I also know atmosphere models who fuck rich dudes and go on their boats and all of the above, but they don’t consider themselves escorts, they just hang with the rich dudes and go on vacations with them because it seems like a fun opportunity and also…these girls sometimes want to get wifed up and get married to a rich guy. What better way to meet a rich guy than to be an atmosphere model and get paid to hang around rich dudes. Honestly this is a pretty good business venture for these girls.

There are also atmosphere model companions, these are atmosphere model’s best friends and they basically do the same shit as the atmosphere models but they don’t get paid to go to the party and they make sure that their friend isn’t roofied or raped. They also go on vacation with rich dudes and look to marry/fuck rich dudes. it’s a good business venture for these girls because they just hang out and get to go on awesome trips and do rich people things.

Escorts, These girls are hired by men to have dinner with them/go on dates/ go on vacations/ and sometimes have sex. These girls are on a mission and only see this as work, it’s not necessarily for fun, even if they do have fun. Escorts are often pimped out by guys or by websites and they make money on whatever activity they do. These girls can also be considered sugar babies. Sugar babies are basically paid girlfriends.

There are also girls who aren’t any of these by label, but hot girls tend to gravitate towards the best party. If you’re rich as fuck and you’re popping bottles in the club (like big fucking bottles), hot girls will naturally just gravitate towards your table because your table is going to be the best party in the whole damn club, but…if you’re ugly as fuck and nasty and creepy, normal girls aren’t going to come to your table even if you’re blowing hella cash. It’s not that worth it. If there’s a table blowing hella cash and they’re nasty and creepy, hot girls will just go to the second best party that has dudes that are both good-looking and rich.

The short answer is, some girls are atmosphere models and are totally normal, they get paid to hang around rich dudes but they aren’t required to do anything sexual or anything. Its a job. There are girls who get paid to go to the party, but end up fucking and hanging with rich dudes, and then there are escorts, which are basically classier hookers.



How does Amazon prevent it’s employees from stealing shit?

Let me tell you, I work for amazon. I’m a picker. I’m the guy that goes and gets your shit out of a bin from god knows where (wherever a stower found space to put it) and puts it in a tote for you to have packaged and sent to you.

Most thefts, are done at the picking/stowing level. And most thefts are not things like phones/games/etc but instead are sex toys and food. People get curious as to what this sex toy is, and open it resulting in an item that can’t be sold and thereby a loss to the company, which counts as a theft and you get fired for playing with sex toys on the job. Everyone knows about it within the warehouse within a week minimum. As for food, we get a 10 minute break, a 30 minute lunch, and a 30 minute break spaced about 2-2.5 hours apart each. The 10 minute break is a joke and no one has time to do anything but grab a drink and/or go to the restroom. Despite this, it is highly suggested that we get a snack on our breaks and eat a meal at lunch time. Walking 15 or so miles a day will make you hungry, fast. So people see that gorgeous delectable jack links jerky and their stomach grumbles. They go to pick something else up and they see it, it’s beautiful, it’s fucking teriyaki flavored. Jack pot! They snag a couple from the bag and put it back in the bin. They sate their hunger by picking jerky that they stole out of their pocket for the next hour. Their sweaty, disgusting pants pocket. The one right next to their sweaty crotch. It’s fucking gross. Then, someone else like me comes by to pick the item for shipment, notices it is damaged and goes through the damaged/stolen/missing item process. Another guy comes by and sees what happened after the report and then Loss Prevention looks at the copious number of cameras to see who all was in that aisle. They see everything. They saw that one guy pick his nose, that nice girl let one rip, and that one guy that stole some jerky. Jerky dude gets walked out on the spot and fired.

On top of all that if I come across a damaged/missing item, it doesn’t count as a pick for me, meaning it hurts my rate. Missing items takes time. If I don’t make rate, I get “generated feedback” a fancy term for the manager telling me to get my shit together. I don’t like thieves. I don’t like people losing my items. You want your stuff, but I want my pay. We’re on the same page. I’m on your side. In this instance, the customer is actually my friend, as opposed to being in a retail shop where the customer is just a pain in the ass a good 70% of the time.

Also, Amazon has a 3 stage system in place to prevent theft and keep the several thousand employees on site safe. I can’t wear a fitbit in there and make it out. Hell I can’t carry a condom in my wallet through those things. (lets be honest though if you’re carrying a condom in your wallet, it most likely isn’t going to be used as most of the time the dates on those are like 6 months old when they get caught with em). You are not making it through this 3 stage system that is well put together with a bust of fucking Geralt.

If that item is fucked up like that, then there is only 2 options. Something in shipping fucked it, or it looked like that when we got it. We don’t judge the items we sell, that is on the provider of the item in question. We make sure that the item you purchased from said provider makes it to you in one piece. I pride myself on my rate and being a hard worker. That monstrosity did not get caused by an Amazon employee. It just isn’t a feasible option.



How do technicians determine the cause of a fire? Eg. to a cigarette stub when everything is burned out

I was a fire investigator for 6 years. We go about finding what started a fire by A) looking at burn patterns and B) interviewing the people that were there if possible.

If the whole house has not burned down, I look for the that has the most burn damage. In a urban area where the fire department is pretty responsive, you may only get smoke damage in most of the house. This rules out the rest of the house from starting the fire. Let’s say the most burnt area is near the kitchen. You start asking yourself what can start a fire in that area. Usually this would be your stove, electrical systems, candles etc. The next thing you would do is rule out each possible source of fire by looking at witness marks. These are distinct marks where the flames appeared to originate. Eventually you will get to a point where you can conclusively rule out what definitely did not cause the fire and hopefully left with one source of the fire.

It is not uncommon to sift through an entire room of debris to find common sources of ignition. When sifting, we have found cigarette butts, arced wires, matches, and one time an 85 year old woman’s stash of condoms. If we believe arson was a possibility, we will take samples of the area for chemical analysis. Arson is pretty obvious as it leaves what is called a ghosting pattern on the floor. We can pull samples from the edges of the burn and test for gasoline etc. When it comes down to it, all fires need fuel, oxygen and a source of ignition. This is called the fire triangle. Our job is to look for the source of ignition.

For those asking about forest fires, I was not in that type of work but I assume the same way. I am sure they use an areal view of the area to determine the starting point and go from there.

– CoGa 



Why does South Korea have such a high suicide rate?

I’m teaching in Korea at the moment, which recently surpassed Japan in suicide rates. Korea has the highest suicide rate in the world, among the top 31 wealthiest nations now, and suicide is the number one cause of death for people under the age of 40 in the country. last time I checked, anyway (about 2 months ago). Japan and Korea certainly share some similarities.

The week or so after I arrived, a 10 year old girl at a school near my town got a decent grade on a report card. It wasn’t the best grade, it wasn’t the worst. Her mom was pissed and, as a punishment, took her to the barber shop to get her hair cut way shorter than usual. A few days later the girl jumped from the 17th story of her apartment building. She left a bunch of notes written to her friends in crayon that said “Life is too difficult.”

Even in Asian countries that aren’t communist, the cultures are still collectivist. You’re not really you. You are a cog in your society. You’re expected to do your part, keep your head down, bust your ass, and not think too much about why.

Kids here, even the tiny elementary school kids, have longer days than I do.

The pressure is enormous to be AT LEAST as good as everyone else in the system. If your kid got a B on his test and the neighbor’s kid got an A, you’re gonna bust his ass until he gets that grade up. Anything less than everyone else is disgraceful.

You ever watch shows about the 1950s in America? Where the housewife’s always peeking out the window and saying “Our neighbors just got a new grill. We need a new grill,” or whatever? It’s EXACTLY like that.

Not only that, but kids who are different don’t get the help they do in the Western world. If you’re ADHD or dyslexic or autistic or colorblind or have a speech impediment or, fuck, artsy, there is NOTHING for you. NOTHING.

They’re also super repressed. I know a 25 year old school teacher who lives with her parents, has a curfew, and isn’t allowed to go on dates with boys until she brings them home to meet the folks. This isn’t unheard of.

They don’t really have hotels here, but they have love motels. These motels were built literally so people can fuck. The walls are super thin in most homes, so if you want to have sex and not have anyone else in your family know, you have to go to a love motel. This makes for some really frustrated teenagers, some really awkward romances, and some really sexless marriages.

Prostitution here is out of CONTROL. Brothels, brothels everywhere. And a ridiculous number of men cheat on their spouses because women aren’t really allowed to like sex. They don’t even show kissing on TV here, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a girl was considered a slut if she liked kissing boys in high school… much less giving head or ridin’ that dick any time in life after that. So guys go to get blowjobs and things from the cathouse down the street so they can stay sane. And the women just get really naggy.

There’s more to it than that of course, but I’m tired of writing. Point is, you take all that pressure and mix in a subtle difference and suddenly kids are throwing themselves out of windows.

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