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Schopenhauer called the post-orgasm moment of clarity as “devil’s laughter” because it’s when we realize we’re slaves to a biological imperative uncaring of our happiness

The School of Life – Schopenhauer


Gay Turkish men can avoid military service by providing photographs of themselves having sex. But only if they are the passive partner, and their face is clearly visible in the photo. (article)


Lolita, the killer whale, has been kept in Miami Seaquarium since 1970. The orca is 20 ft long, and her tank measures 60 by 80 ft by 20 ft deep. Her only company for 10 years was Hugo, who died after a brain aneurysm caused by repeatedly banging his head on the tank windows

Orcas stick in packs of 40-50 FOR LIFE. They never leave their family/pod. And they travel thousands of miles seasonally.

These families are SO OLD that different pods are considered different species because they cannot breed due to incompatible genetics. These families have existed for thousands of years.

Each pod has its own communicating patterns that often can’t be understood by other pods. They essentially develop their own language.

Different pods also have different hunting styles unique to their pod. They are taught from generation to generation. Many argue that this is the basis of culture .

When people were hunting for baby orcas, the elder orcas tried to sacrifice themselves to save the young ones. They get killed.

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When watermelons are grilled or baked they lose their granular texture and can even be used as meat substitute, a “watermelon steak”.

If the steak is baked, a texture like raw fish can result, Boston Phoenix writer Robert Nadeau comparing a grilled watermelon to seared, raw tuna. He added that the flavor of the fruit “isn’t sweet, although it isn’t meaty either, but enough of the browning comes through to make it a little like a piece of meat”.When well cooked, most of the fruit’s water evaporates, concentrating flavor and texture while leaving the steak tender and juicy, “kind of like a fillet steak”

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A stray dog saved a woman after she crashed down an embankment and was thrown through the back window of her car. The German Shepherd emerged from the woods, pulled her by the collar off the trunk and 50 yards through the briars to the road where she could be seen by passing motorists.



Milton Hershey being unable to have children founded the Milton Hershey School For Orphans in 1909. He donated 30% of all future Hershey profits. It now has 7 billion in assets, and continues to serve orphans in financial need. Milton also prohibited it’s use in any advertising.


White Hands is a nonprofit organization in Japan that has a service called Ejaculation Help where medical sex workers help people with disabilities reach orgasms


Francisco Nguema, former president of Equatorial Guinea celebrated the Christmas of 1975 by having 150 of his opponents executed in a soccer stadium by soldiers dressed as Santa Claus.

Depending on the source, he was responsible for the deaths of anywhere from 50,000 to 80,000 of the 300,000 to 400,000 people living in the country at the time. According to Penn State professor Randall Fegley, one of the few non-African authorities on Equatorial Guinea, this was proportionally worse than the Nazis’ rampage through Europe.



The original candidate for DC Comics’ first headlining black superhero was Black Bomber, a white racist who turned into a black superhero under stress. He was described by historian Don Markstein as “an insult to practically everybody with any point of view at all.” (article)

“In each of the two completed Black Bomber scripts, the white bigot risks his own life to save another person whom he can’t see clearly (in one case, a baby in a stroller) and then reacts in racial slur disgust when he discovers that he risked his life to save a black person. He wasn’t aware that he had two identities, but each identity had a girlfriend and the ladies were aware of the change. To add final insult, the Bomber’s costume was little more than a glorified basketball uniform.


A French convict used nectarines painted like grenades to escape prison via a helicopter piloted by his wife who took flight lessons solely for the escape. (article)

On May 28, Nadine rented a helicopter and flew towards La Sante Prison. At the same time, Michel constructed a fake gun and painted some nectarines to make them look like grenades. This ruse managed to fool the guards, who allowed Michel to make his way to the prison roof. Nadine soon arrived in the chopper and picked up her husband. They later touched down at a nearby football field, where a car was waiting for them to make their escape.


Ronald Wayne was a third cofounder of Apple, along with Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. In 1976, he sold his 10% share of the company for $800. Today, his 10% would be worth of 35 billion dollars 


In the 80’s Bayer sold contaminated blood products after safer versions became available. Although the product was tainted with HIV, a concern discussed by Bayer and the FDA, there was an impression of protecting the companies’ profits at the cost of infecting large numbers of people with HIV. Once it was discovered in the US, they continued to sell it overseas for over a year in order to clear stock. (article)


U.S. Medal of Honor recipient Herbert K. Pililaʻau was found surrounded by 40 dead Korean soldiers and him holding a trench knife

Herbert Kailieha Pililaʻau (October 10, 1928 – September 17, 1951) was a United States Army soldier and a recipient of the United States military’s highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, for his actions in the Korean War. A Native Hawaiian who was born and raised on the island of Oʻahu, he was drafted into the military as a young man. Sent to Korea in early 1951, he participated as an automatic rifleman in the Battle of Bloody Ridge. During the subsequent Battle of Heartbreak Ridge, he voluntarily stayed behind to cover his unit’s withdrawal in the face of an intense attack by North Korean forces. Alone, he held off the assault using his automatic rifle and hand grenades and, after exhausting all available ammunition, engaged the attackers in hand to hand combat until being overrun and killed. For these actions, he was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.


Actor Vincent D’Onofrio holds the record for most weight gained for a movie role. He gained 70 pounds to play the role of Private Leonard Lawrence (aka Private Pyle) in Full Metal Jacket


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