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Instagram Model Teaches A Class For Women On How To “Bag A Billionaire” And Never Have To Work – Barstool Sports

The Motivating (and Demotivating) Effects of Learning Others’ Salaries – HBR

11 Countries with the Highest Life Expectancy – Traveler

We Found The Perfect Wallet. This heavy-duty, RFID-blocking wallet has clean lines, a smart design, and built-in multi-tool – Amazon

How To Play Long Video Games When You Have No Time – Kotaku

Here’s what burgers look like at 16 Michelin-starred restaurants around the country – Insider

A Rural Community Decided To Treat Its Opioid Problem Like A Natural Disaster – NPR

How much does a cable box really cost? The industry would prefer you don’t ask – LA Times

(Pseudo) Scientific Strategies for Trick-or-Treating Like a Beast – Wired

A serious upgrade to your old school toothbrush – Quip

What Billionaires Want: The Secret Influence Of America’s 100 Richest – The Guardian

The Reddit Forum That Guesses Who You Are Based on What’s in Your Fridge – New Yorker

Muslim groups raise enough money to cover funeral costs for all Pittsburgh victims – 10TV

Confessions of a U.S. Postal Worker: “We deliver Amazon packages until we drop dead.” – Medium

Inside the Only Supercar Factory In America – Jalopnik

Maybe The Best Speaker Ever? And for nearly $3k, it should be – Amazon

Whitey Bulger Reportedly Killed Because He Was a ‘Rat’ – Rolling Stone

Thai restaurant diners horrified to find they were served human meat – Daily Mail

Scientists reverse hair loss by making scalp “smell” sandalwood – Big Think

New York woman, 20, who lied about rapes, appears to roll her eyes in court as she’s jailed for a year – Fox News

Red Sox fans damaged the World Series trophy with a thrown beer – Sports Gossip

Working at Netflix Sounds Like Hell – Gizmodo

Jennifer Love Hewitt Has A Phat Ass – Drunken Stepfather

How to Negotiate the Best Deal on a New or Used Car – The Art Of Manliness

Random Halloween Hotties – G-Celeb

Japanese Pop-Up Restaurant Served the Last Meals of Infamous Death Row Inmates – Oddity Central

Dana White Once Threatened By Whitey Bulger’s Muscle Team For $2,500 – Busted Coverage

‘Adrenaline Junkie’ Couple Found Dead After Falling 800-Feet In Yosemite While Taking A Selfie – All That Is Interesting

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