Reaction GIFs Beeeeyotch!

November 1, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Funny Pictures

When my kids believe they have to leave their Halloween candy in the kitchen “so mice don’t get it”


My brain cells when they see an exam question I know the answer to



When my mom sees me vacuuming the house 


When playing Red Dead 2 and a guy witnesses me looting a dead body and goes to tell the Sheriff


When I flush and the water reaches the rim, but then goes back down on its own


When I hear that Hillary Clinton is considering another run for president


My girlfriends reaction when we move in together and I load the dishwasher for the first time


When it’s halloween and the kid with no costume expects me to give them candy


When my wife suggested wearing sheets to dress as ghosts for halloween and we’re the only white family in the neighborhood 


When a fat person tries to argue with me that ‘healthy obesity’ exists


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