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Nine Things I Learned From Driving A Supercar For Three Days – ARS Technica

Tax Nightmare: Student Invested $5k in Ethereum & Now Owes $400k in Taxes – CCN

Sorry, Every Other TV Is Gonna Suck After You See This One – Amazon

The Former Noma Chef Taking Over School Cafeterias – Eater

Calif. shooter posted to social media during rampage – AOL

The Absolute Best Documentaries on Netflix – Thrillist

Reap the anti-aging benefits of a good night sleep. Here are our top tips to get rest – Tata Harper

The Real Reason Costco Employees Check Receipts at Exits – Mental Floss

The Truth About Boderline Personality Disorder In Relationships – Psychology Today

The Gadget For That Friend Who Always Loses Their Stuff – Amazon

Man With 3 Wives Punishes Them By Banning Sex For A Month If They Annoy Him – LAD Bible

9 Weird Things Girls Do When They Start To Like You – Thought Catalog

Fit Girls Are Fine – Leenks

Why don’t Americans save? – Get Rich Slowly

This Woman Threw a Birthday Party on a Subway Car and It Looks Really Fucking Annoying – Jezebel

Illegal Border Crossers Now Ineligible For Asylum, White House Says – Daily Wire

Cord Cutters Just Dealt Cable and Satellite Their Biggest Loss Ever – Gizmodo

10 Things Your Father Should Have Taught You About Style – The Art Of Manliness

Las Vegas Sportscaster Arrested For Jerking It While At A Slot Machine At 9:15 A.M – Busted Coverage

Why Moving Didn’t Solve Any of My Problems – Tiny Buddha

Can a Man Be Friends With a Woman?- Brass Pills

People are claiming video shared by Sarah Sanders of Jim Acosta was doctored — here’s why – Live Leak

Angie Varona has really stepped up her Thotness – Instagram

GTA V, the highest grossing video game of all time, has made 6 billion dollars whereas Avatar, the highest grossing movie, has made only 2.7 billion dollars – BeeBorn

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