The Daily Man-Up: 5 Ways Social Media Can Cripple Your Self-Esteem

November 9, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Man-Up

(photo: @erik_lucatero)

#1: Thirst for Validation

Imagine this: you open your phone and post a photo to Instagram. 

Think about what happens next…

Do you continue your day as normal? Or do you sit around waiting to hear your phone vibrate with a new notification? Be honest with yourself.

The harsh truth is that most of us are just looking for validation. We just want a bunch of people to “like” our post. It makes us feel important. It makes us feel popular.

You love hearing that notification come in. You love getting other people’s attention. You love the feeling of approval that comes with each and every “like” your new post receives.

This is natural. It’s simple human nature. The problem is that social media allows you to “indulge” this instinct with incredible ease. And then you get addicted. You “need” to feel this validation every so often to feel good about yourself…

You begin to rely on “likes” in order to be confident.

#2: Pedestalization of Women

The same way that men use social media to get validation, women do too.

This means there are hordes of women out there who are always trying to post photos that will get them the most “likes” possible.

And let’s be honest here: there’s a lot of extremely attractive women engaging in this behavior. It’s easy to open up Instagram and waste an hour of your time staring at hot fitness chicks who turn you on.

After you browse through a certain amount of these images, something interesting happens: You begin to place attractive women on a “pedestal”.

It’s shockingly similar to the negative effects of porn addiction. They’re not naked – and they’re not having sex – but you’re still browsing through hundreds of carefully curated and meticulously edited photos.

Rather than seeing women as real humans to interact with, you begin to see them as pixels on a screen… for your viewing pleasure only… but never to actually talk to or date.

No, because you don’t feel “good enough” for them now.

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