This IKEA Opens Their Doors To Keep Stray Dogs From Sleeping In The Cold

November 21, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Animals, Life

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There is an IKEA located in Catania, Italy that keeps its doors open to stray dogs. The store will allow dogs to come in, lay on the rugs inside the store, and stay warm so they don’t have to sleep in the cold. This IKEA store keeping their doors open in the cold weather for pups went viral on Facebook by a user named Vittoria Taccia Gabrielli who said she was ‘amazed’ by the gesture.

Taccia posted a video of the dogs in the store lounging about on the furniture and rug displays; happy, warm, and sleeping!

“The dogs receive daily food and pampering from IKEA’s employees and customers,” Taccia said. “Some dogs have even found a family, going home with customers.”

“A good initiative to shelter the strays while it’s raining outside,” Gabrielli wrote in Italian on her Facebook page, “All this happens in the shopping center of IKEA(Catania).”

The video she shared, which was actually recorded by her daughter, has nearly 18,000 shares and over 1 million views. Many people have reached out to IKEA, praising them for opening their doors to stray dogs.


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