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Doctor’s office has a discreet way for victims of abuse, violence, or human trafficking to get help.


Migrants climb up a bank of the nearly dry Tijuana River as they make their way around a police blockade toward the El Chaparral port of entry on Sunday in Tijuana, Mexico. U.S. Customs and Border Protection temporarily suspended northbound and southbound crossings for both pedestrians and vehicles at the San Ysidro port of entry after hundreds of migrants pushed past Mexican riot police and rushed the U.S. border.

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This Restaurant wears 1 star Yelp Reviews on their T-Shirts


Australian tax return shows where your money went


 Toothpaste describes what each of its ingredient is and its purpose 


Chef Boyardee’s hair turned white as the franchise aged


In Hong Kong, tiny apartments within apartments are known as “coffin cubicles.”

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Last sunset in Alaska


Jim Can’t Swim is a channel that observes police interviews of murderers, rapists, psychopaths etc. He describes in detail the psychological tricks the police use to trick the suspects into confessing, their body language and the psychology behind the suspects who are being interviewed


Police found a homing pigeon with 200 ecstasy pills in its backpack 


What happens when 50 million men can’t get laid? China’s “one child” policy, coupled with a longstanding cultural predilection for male babies, has created a market where marrying-age men outnumber women by the millions. The fabric of this social engineering has thrown old-fashioned courtship out the window and created a lucrative business catered to matchmaking.


The cost of having a baby in 1933


The saddest thing at the grocery store


These are the High Times best strains of 1977


Robots sorting system helps Chinese company finish at least 200,000 packages a day in the warehouse


Wisconsin School District Won’t Punish Students in Viral Nazi Salute Photo


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