The Daily Man-Up: As Long As You Approach Her, It’s A Success

December 6, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Man-Up

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(photo: @brookecagle)

So many guys judge success as “did I have sex with her” or “did I get her phone number” or “did I get her laughing”, etc. However, I judge success differently. It is a very binary way of measuring success, and it is also incredibly powerful. I judge success like this: “Did I approach her or not?”

And really, that’s the only measure of success you should have when it comes to women. When you see an attractive woman that you want to meet, did you or did you not approach her?

Because as soon as you approach her, your chances of getting her name, getting her phone #, getting a date with her, and getting sex with her essentially went from zero to non-zero. It might be a 5% chance of getting her phone #, but that’s better than nothing.

As soon as you view success this way, you start to easily gain momentum when approaching women. Let’s say you see an incredibly attractive girl sitting down. She’s a literal 10/10, with a pretty face, an incredibly fit body, and legs for days. Do you go up and approach her? If you do, it’s a success. Everything else doesn’t matter.

Did you literally shit your pants from fear as soon as you went up to her and introduced yourself? Still a success.

Did you stutter because you were so nervous? Still a success

Were you sweating from nervousness? Still a success

Did you forget to ask for her name? Still a success.

Did she give you a fake phone number? Still a success

Did she ghost you and stop responding to your texts? Still a success

Because at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. Did you or did you not approach?

In this life, you’re going to have the chance to find an amazing girl one day, your own personal 10/10. You’re going to have the chance to talk to her and get her laughing and smiling, and she asks what your name is. You’re going to get the chance to get her phone number and go out on a date with her. You’re going to have the chance for her to be your girlfriend, and she tells you how amazing you are and she can’t imagine a life without you.

But that’s only going to happen if you actually approach her.

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