Egypt Investigating Man And Woman Photographed Having Sex On Great Pyramid

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Egyptian officials would like a word with a Danish photographer who allegedly photographed himself having sex with a woman atop one of the two pyramids that surround Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza.

Andreas Hvid, who describes himself as an artist, urban explorer, and photographer, managed to get a shot of himself and a companion doing the deed at some point in November 2018, as he initially wrote on his website. 

Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities issued a statement Saturday saying the incident “violates public morality.” The ministry has requested that an investigation is launched by the Attorney General, the statement said.

“One hundred percent it is photoshopped,” Zahi Hawass, an archaeologist who is the former Egyptian Minister of Antiquities and former director general of Giza Plateau, told NBC News. “There is no way any one can enter the Pyramids area at night.”

In reference to images of the couple on the pyramid, he added: “Those are not the stones of the big Pyramid. They’re too small.”

Hvid specializes in taking photos from daring heights and his portfolio includes a number of nudes taken on rooftops or cranes overlooking cities and landscapes across the globe.

His latest romp, documented by photos and video, features him having sex with a woman on top of the Great Pyramid at night with another pyramid in the background.

Hvid has removed all but one of the images from his website and social media accounts, but copies have been reposted.

Climbing the pyramids and being at the site after hour is prohibited.

Hvid has not been arrested and it’s unclear what punishment, if any, he could face. Egypt is a mostly conservative country with a Muslim majority.

People convicted of performing indecent acts in public can face up to a year in prison and fines, according to Egyptian law.

An Egyptian actress recently faced up to five years in prison for public obscenity after showing up at the closing ceremony of the Cairo International Film Festival wearing a see-through dress. The charges against Rania Youssef were dropped after she made a public apology for her choice of attire.

Ashraf Mohi, director of the Giza Plateau said the first step in the investigation will be to determine if the footage is real. Penalties vary depending on whether any damage was done to the pyramid, he said.

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