A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos And Videos

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Comedian Artie Lange’s nose after snorting cocaine and glass

Artie Lange – Glass Snorting Incident


Baby dolphin dies after being passed around for selfies


This is SeaWorld’s parking lot

This is SeaWorld’s artificial lake

And this is where seven orcas live


Slightly off




What’s it like to see the Mona Lisa


Saudi Crown Prince arrives in Japan with 10 airplanes packed with an entourage, furniture and luxury goods all for his own personal use.

The Japanese Emperor met him in this empty room, with the simplest setting giving a message to MBS that greatness lies in knowledge and higher values and not in an ugly display of wealth.

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This guy sucks at investing


These are all faces made by NIVIDIA’s neuro-network, none of them are real


Figures released by Dana White showing what UFC have paid Chuck Liddell, in response to De La Hoya


A woman carried this calcified fetus for 30 years


An allergic reaction to hair dye


Holy fuck!


1960’s CIA-issued Rectal Houdini Kit


This was scribbled all over the wall of a vacant crackhouse

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