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What It’s Really Like to Come Out as a Sex Worker – Mel Magazine

The Top Free Online University Courses of 2018, Ranked by Popularity – Free Code Camp

When your music career doesn’t take off like you thought it would (nsfw) – GFY

Start Your Year Off Right. Give Less Fucks! – Amazon

Netflix’s Upcoming ‘Black Mirror’ Film Will be a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure With 5+ Hours of Footage – Indiewire

How to Date a Woman Who’s Out Of Your League – Men’s Health

Why you need to use a password manager – Tech Crunch

Dude Gets Knocked Out With A Bat After Pulling Up To Someone’s House – Worldstar

Trump signs farm bill making cbd and hemp federally legal – Citizen Times

The Cuban Missile Crisis began when a CIA operative noticed soccer fields on a Cuban Military Base. “Cubans play baseball, Russians play soccer" – CNN

School Pays Male Student $47,000 After It Punished Him Based On Nothing More Than An Accusation – Daily Wire

24 Hours in Berlin’s Red Light District – VICE

Every Man Needs a Code – Brass Pills

Crazed girls flood Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz with fan mail – Sun Sentinel

Video Of A Woman Swallowed Whole By 23-Foot Python Found In Its Stomach – YouTube

This clever device provides the perfect balance of ice to whiskey. Not too cold, and not too watered down. Perfect – Amazon

What Ever Happened To Brendan Fraser? – GQ

22 secrets to save time and money shopping at Costco – Business Insider

Ashley Graham is Fresh Out of the Sauna! – The Slip

You Want 20% for Handing Me a Muffin? The Awkward Etiquette of iPad Tipping – WSJ

Selena Gomez Sports Bra Tight Leggings of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

Man Busted for Allegedly Trying to Have Sex With 13-Year-Old Girl: But I Brought a Consent Form! – Pluralist

The 10 Greatest Scientific Achievements of 2018 – Daily Curiosity

How to Order Caviar Without Going Totally Broke – Eater

How The Rich Get Richer: Strategies For Competing In A Rigged Game – Financial Samurai

Cops Seize $130,000 Nissan Skyline GT-R At Florida Car Show And The Story Is Wild – Jalopnik

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