The Daily Man-Up: Pain Is Your Friend And Ally

December 28, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Man-Up

(photo: @svkj)

The most necessary thing in life, is pain. Without pain we cannot develop toughness or grit. Without pain we cannot improve, learn, and grow. Pain is our greatest ally in our quest to become something more than what we currently are. So seek it out. Go beyond what you can currently do and who you currently are. Ask more of your body and your mind and evolve into the man you are capable of becoming.

Pain is not something to run from, but attract. In attracting more you allow yourself to become more.

Strength is only acquired through pain.

No matter the kind of strength you’re talking about, be it physical, mental, or of the spirit, the only way to obtain it and develop it is through pain.

Pain is the doorway we must walk through daily to become the men we can become. It’s in pain that we break down the muscle, it’s in pain that we break the spirit.

After going beyond where we could previously go, we acquire a new capacity to resist whatever the world throws at us, be it a heavier weight or a more arduous test.

If you set out to be more than a man, but a force, you can never back down.

If what you want to be is more than the average fella, you have to resolve to never back down. That is, even though pain and loss and failure may be in your future, you must meet it all on your feet, trudging forward, never willingly backing down or taking a knee.

The man who is a force to be reckoned with gets there because of will, because of a choice, not because of innate talent or God-given ability.

Make that choice. It isn’t the easy choice to be made, but it will lead to a life of purpose and meaning.

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