Skinny 16-Year-Old Kid vs HUGE 300lb Guy

January 3, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Jiu-Jitsu

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Here’s a video of a 16 year old and 145lb Chad Hardy going up against a 300lbs competitor. This is what jiu jitsu is all about, David slaying Goliath with technique.

In the video Chad also offers some advice on defeating larger opponents:

Alot of people struggle with being the littlest person on the mat. When I first stared at 11 years old I was the only kid in class! i was one of the main reasons they started a kids class. I had to learn how to grapple aginst some huge dudes. You can overcome the size it just takes alot of drilling so you can become faster at the techniques. for me beating bigger opponents did not come right away but right about the two year mark I had figured out the way bigger grapplers were moving and how to work against this. keep working hard and you can overcome being the smallest person in the room and become a lion.


***Wipe yourself down with these wipes after every class so you don’t get STAPH or RINGWORM***


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