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No Matter How Hard I Tried, I Could Never Get Big Enough to Protect Myself From My Father – Mel Magazine

Extremely Beautiful People Talk About What It’s Like to Be Extremely Beautiful – VICE

That’s Her Finishing Move? Female Wrestler Shoves Her Bloody Tampon In Her Opponent’s Mouth! – Worldstar

I used these pills to wean myself off a meth addiction….also great for losing weight! – Amazon

15 Lobotomy Patients Before And After Their Procedure – Awkward

A ‘Moral Dilemma’ After Las Vegas Massacre: Sell the Gunman’s Weapons, or Destroy Them – NY Times

U.S. Kills al Qaeda Figure Accused of Leading 2000 Attack on USS Cole – WSJ

Death Row Inmate Whose Execution Was Called Off Twice Found Dead In Cell – Lad Bible

Man Forced to Choose Between Saving His Wife or Child, Chooses Child – US Magazine

“To make her better, I have to torture her” a burn ward doctor describing the treatment necessary to heal a 9 year old girl – USA Today

Bill Gates warns that nobody is paying attention to gene editing, a new technology that could make inequality even worse – Business Insider

Ashton Kutcher Offered To Donate His Heart To Save Twin Brother Michael – Unilad

Bodycam Shows Murder Suspect Pulling Gun On Cop – Live Leak

10/10 would recommend for anyone who wants to learn guitar or bass – Amazon

Woman Gets Caught Court-Side Willing To Risk It All For LaMarcus Aldridge At The Spurs-Pistons Game – Sports Gossip

New research finds that when the dinosaur-killing asteroid collided with Earth more than 65 million years ago, it blasted a nearly mile-high tsunami that caused chaos throughout the world’s oceans – Live Science

Most angry Chicago Bears fan in the history of football – Trending Views

Cute whootie shaking her thang by a car – GFY

The 21 Best Bakeries In America – Thrillist

Are You Teaching Your Children to Think Critically? Few Parents Do – Ozy

Iskra Lawrence Ttty Flash of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

The 10 most in-demand skills of 2019, according to LinkedIn – CNBC

Alexis Ren Could Be The Next “Queen Of Instagram” – Hollywood Tuna

Non-Financial Goals That Can Help You Save Money – 2Cents

An economist explains what digital technology means for the future of popular culture – The Verge

The Biggest Conspiracies In American History (That Also Happen To Be True) – The Outline

Tunnel Rats: The Underground Search-And-Destroy Soldiers Of The Vietnam War – All That Is Interesting

The Hare Psychopathy Checklist Might Tell You If You’re A Psychopath – Curiosity

Kimberly Garner booty on display in a thong (nsfw) – Celeb J

OMG what in the hell is this???? – Instagram

Kidnapper Gets the Ass-Beating of His Life After Chasing Victim Into a Karate School – The Blemish

I’ve developed a fetish for figuring things out….I just came to that realization.

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