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Think about the last time you walked by a beautiful woman and did nothing about it. Your imagination filled with dreams of what it’d be like to see her smile, to touch her, to bed her – but you did absolutely nothing to make any of this a reality.

She kept walking right on by. And in that moment, a part of you died as a man.

You felt your desire clearly. You wanted her. But your fear overcame your honesty. “I’m not enough!” you shouted to yourself. And in that pain and fear, you failed to act. You failed to exercise your masculine drive to penetrate the world.

You’re not alone in these feelings. All men feel them at times. Many men believe what these feelings say, and accept that they’re too unattractive, too poor, too short or “not the right type” for the women they desire.

But these are all lies!

You will only know the truth in the moment you go after her.

Do whatever you have to do. Make yourself known to her. March over to her and plant your two feet in front of her and speak your truth!

(Never forget this fact: you are here, today, because of thousands upon thousands of ancestors who summoned the bravery to approach the women they wanted. Picture all those thousands of ancestors cheering you on. The men of your family have a long history of success with women, and you are here to perpetuate your family name.)

Tell her how you feel. Walk up to her and grab her hand and spin her around and say “My gosh what a beautiful being you are, let’s go on an adventure!”

When you refuse to give in to fears of rejection, and approach a woman in a way that aligns with your true desire, you fully embrace your masculine self – and women appreciate a man living in his truth.

A rejection isn’t a bad thing. It means you tried, and this wasn’t the right woman or the right moment. She’s just saved you years of wasted time! Thank her.

A rejection means absolutely nothing about your worth as a man. It means you’re out in the world, fighting for what you want.

That’s what makes you a man after all so embrace it.

It’s courageous to put yourself out in the open. It’s masculine to call her forward and tell her how you feel.

To accept anything less is to accept a lifetime of mediocrity and suffering.

This is so important because many men settle for relationships that they’ve emotionally clocked out of – or instead settle for no relationship at all and chase “success”. They live vicariously through a premium PornHub account. They spend hours on adult cam sites, and follow amateur models on Instagram, dreaming of a life with them with their hand in their pants..

You don’t know any of these women! But if you go out and learn what you need to know, you can find a beautiful woman to join you on the adventure of life.

You have the right, as a man, to pursue the woman you want  All around the world, millions of women want to be swept off their feet by you. They’re waiting for their knight in shining armor to appear – but you are nowhere to be found.

Get out there!

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