Male Nurse Set Off Fire Alarm To Watch Co-Worker’s Breasts Bounce As She Evacuated

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A nurse who set off an alarm so he could watch a colleague’s breasts bounce as she ran down the corridor was fired.

Aaron Kibaja acted inappropriately to four women between 2012 and 2016. In 2012, he pulled the alarm when there was no emergency and simulated breasts bouncing with his hands as his panicked colleague dashed down the hallway.

Three women claimed Kibaja would drop pens or keys on the floor and ask them to pick them up. He would wink at them and say: ‘Go on, you want to.’

Kibaja, 44, a married father-of-four, blocked doorways so the women would have to brush past him, and groped at least two of them.

He also gestured to his groin and asked a colleague if she would ‘do his lollipop’. Kibaja, who was manager on the dementia ward at Nottingham’s Highbury Hospital, told another staff member she was ‘sexy’ and ‘pretty’. He asked: ‘Can I touch your bum?’

In a phone call he told her he missed her and breathed deeply down the line.

Another woman was told she was going to ‘get it wheelbarrow’. He told her she had ‘a fine rump’ and referred to her breasts as ‘twins’.

Since he left Highbury, Kibaja has been working as the clinical manager at The Firs care home in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire.

A Nursery and Midwifery Council panel in London found that in most instances his behaviour was sexually motivated and ruled he should be fired.

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