20 Clever Details You Never Noticed In Movies Before

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Forrest Gump. In the beginning young Jenny prays she can become a bird and fly away. Years later when she does get away and becomes severely addicted to drugs she contemplates suicide. The song playing in this scene is “Free Bird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd


In Pulp Fiction Vincent Vega is constantly on the toilet. One of the side effects of heroin abuse is constipation


The Cloverfield Paradox – Cloverfield . If you play both films at the same time, the precise moment the Particle accelerator fires in Paradox it causes the monster to appear in Cloverfield linking the two universes


In “Up” , Ellie’s things are rounded while Carl’s things are square, matching their respective character designs


In Aliens, Ellen Ripley is handed a photo of her daughter, Amanda, after awakening from 57 years of hypersleep. The woman in the photo is Sigourney Weaver’s mother


Pulp Fiction meets Kill Bill


In A Quiet Place, in the pharmacy scene the shelves are mostly empty but the chip aisle is still full because no one wanted to risk making noise


Home Alone (1990). Old Man Marley is scored using the ancient “Dies Irae” melody, referencing a coming death. After Kevin talks to him, the choir begins singing the “Carol of the Bells”, which uses the same melody notes, showing we the audience have misjudged the old man the same way Kevin has


In Fight Club (1999), Tyler Durden lives on Paper Street. A “paper street” is defined as a road or street that appears on maps but does not exist in reality


When Butch escapes the pawn shop in Pulp Fiction he sees a neon sign that says ‘Killian’s Red’, but as some of the letters are missing it reads ‘Kill ed’. Picking up Zed’s keys, Butch looks at the ‘Z’ on the keyring, subliminally spelling out ‘Kill Zed’. It’s then that Butch goes to save Marcellus.


In the shootout scene in Heat, Val Kilmer does a proper military rapid reload. He even bangs the magazine on the car bumper before inserting it into the weapon


Napoleon Dynamite


In Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Everyone reactions of the chocolate room were genuine. Gene Wilder suggested to the producers that maybe if the cast didn’t see the chocolate room until the actual filming of the scene, there reactions would be totally normal. And, he was right


LOTR Fellowship: When arguments break out over who should carry the ring to Mount Doom; Frodo looks into the ring and sees the reflection of Elves, Men and Dwarves… the three species that all held the 19 forged rings of power which defeated them through greed. Frodo then realises he must take it


In Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, when Aragorn is giving his speech in front of the black gates, his sword is suddenly tarnished before the battle commences. It’s only revealed in the extended edition, that it is due to beheading the Mouth of Sauron, a scene that did not make the final cut

The Mouth of Sauron


In the Phantom Menace, Jabba’s slave is wearing the same outfit Leia does in Return of the Jedi


In Jaws, Quint’s shark-hunting boat is named the “Orca”. Orcas, or Killer Whales, are the only known natural predators of great white sharks


In The Shawshank Redemption Andy hides his rock hammer in the book of Exodus.


In Kill Bill Vol. 1, The Bride’s real name appears on her ticket to Okinawa


Good Will Hunting. Robin William’s painting alludes to the idea that both Robin William’s character and Will are both enduring “storms” in their lives. After the movie’s resolution, we see a similar shot of a boat and ominous figure; however, in still water this time


In The Terminator, Kyle Reese’s flashback shows soldiers letting guard dogs sniff their hands to verify whether their humanity. Later, when Kyle and Sarah check into the Tiki Motel, Kyle offers his hand to the dog outside the check-in desk because, presumably, it’s now a force of habit.


Toy Story 2. In the movies’ outtakes, a flirtatious Prospector pulls a Harvey Weinstein, promising to Barbie he can, “probably get you a part in Toy Story 3.” Barbie goes on to play a much larger role in the 2010 sequel

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