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Another celebrity sees the light….Jonah Hill is training Jiu-Jitsu now!

Everything You Need To Know About HIV and PrEP – Jezebel

What Every 21-Year-Old Guy Needs to Know About How Bars Work – Mel Magazine

This will help you last longer in bed by preventing blood from escaping the penis, which results in prolonged erections and delayed orgasms – Amazon

The most powerful person in Silicon Valley – Fast Co

In the 1910s, there was a US baseball team made up of death-row prisoners, whose executions were delayed so long as they kept winning – Independent

Incredible bikini photo from Sarah Fucking Snyder – Instagram

El Chapo Trial: Former Mexican President Peña Nieto Took $100 Million Bribe, Witness Says – NY Times

50 Ways To Live On Your Own Terms – Medium

Cycling Girl Loses Her Skirt (video) – Leenks

Solid, real, practical, invaluable advice on how to tackle business today online – Amazon

The most expensive Mustang ever just sold for $2.2 million – Autoblog

9 Musicians on How They Thrive Creatively Without Drugs or Booze – GQ

Samsung Unveils 219-Inch TV Called The Wall And It’s Seriously Impressive – LAD Bible

‘Ego Death’ Is the Trip Competitive Psychedelic Users Are Chasing – VICE

Ashley Graham Big Fat Ass of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

Women Don’t Belong in Combat Units: The military is watering down fitness standards because most female recruits can’t meet them – WSJ

A Guide to Muffing: The Hidden Way to Finger Trans Women: How to finger the inguinal canals of someone with a penis – Broadly

Porn Stars Describing Their Bewbs (nsfw) – BB Blog

See Photos of Life Side-by-Side in North and South Korea – National Geographic

Hunter King Is Busting Out – Hollywood Tuna

Freddie Mercury’s Ex-Fiancée Set To Earn £40 Million From Bohemian Rhapsody – Unilad

The booty on this girl is phenomenal – Ehowa

This Is What $1 Buys You In Food In 23 Different Countries – BuzzFeed

Here’s Your First Look at Ford’s 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500 – Maxim

Instagram Thot Sommer Ray Bewb Flash (nsfw) – Celeb J

A podcast by two friends/recovering heroin addicts is shaken when one of them suddenly, unexpectedly relapses and dies. This episode was recorded right after by the remaining host. It’s as raw as it gets – Dopey Podcast

Texas Quietly Removed A Deeply Controversial Confederate Plaque From Its State Capitol – Daily Wire

Female Scientist, 44, Eaten Alive While Feeding Crocodile – Live Leak

Former World Series MVP John Wetteland arrested for sexually assaulting a 4-year-old – Yahoo

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