Confessions Of A Dude Addicted To The Dope Game

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xanax dealer

The information provided in this interview is for entertainment purposes only. We do not condone the sale or purchase of illegal drugs.

I’ve been drug dealing for the past 4 years now. I did have a year where I didn’t sell anything but besides that, it’s been pretty steady. The problem is, I just don’t think I can stop. It’s become an addiction. I don’t give a fuck about getting high. I smoke weed and drink alcohol occasionally but, besides that, I haven’t touched another drug.

There’s probably a lot that has lead up to this point, starting from a young age, but 4 years ago I found the markets and Bitcoin. It was at a point in my life where things were low and I found drug dealing. My first package was a package of Xanax bars. I made $1,000 profit in about 4 days because, at the time, pressed bars weren’t very well known so my prices were dirt cheap compared to everyone else’s.

That’s the moment things changed for me. The moment where I fucked everything up for myself.

4 years later, here I am. It’s a fucking addiction. When I stop, it’s for a month, max besides the one year I quit due to personal and OPSEC (Operational Security) related reasons. It’s a craving I can’t make go away. The adrenaline of doing something illegal, the money, the respect, the power you have over your little group of people…I don’t know…it’s impossible for me to explain so I’ll explain the more addicted part now.

The money.

You think drug dealing will ruin your life because of prison or getting robbed, and while true, there’s a sneakier way nobody tells you about; MONEY. I’ve dropped out of college and haven’t held down a job more than 6 months due to it. When you make $55-75K a year WITH NO TAXES, everything else is a blur. College? That takes 4 years of being broke! I can’t do that! Holding down a minimum wage job? That’s like $400 a week, if you’re busting ass. I was making $1,000(PROFIT, not GROSS) a week, making a couple moves. I moved bulk only so I wasn’t meeting people every 30 minutes to make my money.

I was my own boss and money gave me freedom. Freedom. That’s where the addiction comes into play. Drug dealing was 50% of it but the other 50% was the freedom money gave me.

I make about, on average, $4,000 NET profit a month. My monthly bills are only around $1,800 for everything besides food(Love living in a cheap state) so that leaves me a good chunk of change to myself. That leaves me $2,200 a month in my own pocket. This monthly cost includes a maid, once a week, dropping my clothes off at a laundromat to get washed, dried, and folded, and having my groceries delivered to my house.

I have all the time in the world to myself. It’s so addicting.

Want to go play Laser Tag and ride Go-Karts all day? You can! Want to go do 18 holes Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday? Grab some cigars and let’s go! Want to take a week long vacation? Easy, all you gotta do is tell your people that you’re leaving and to re-up while they can! Then you’re free to leave! Want to smoke weed and play video games all day? Done! Want to learn a skill like playing piano, programming, or anything? You can practice 8 hours a day!

I’m not even mentioning the material items. I have a PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Gaming PC, MacBook, TaylorMade golf club set, Boosted Board, HTC Vive, 4K TV’s, all the smart home gadgets an apartment can have(Lights, outlets, TV’s, ect), and clothes galore. I also have a pretty decent car. If I don’t have it, I have multiple options to get it. I can either save up and wait, trade product for it, or just up my sales to cover the cost.

Oh, that’s another thing you can’t do with a paycheck, upping your sales. If I need money or just want to thicken the savings account, I can just push my sales a little harder. Offer a slight discount for more bulk, bring in a different product, or seek out new customers. $6,000 months are not crazy uncommon. Drugs sell themselves.

So yeah, you can see where everything becomes an addiction. Life is just…easy. Drugs sell themselves. Money gives you freedom. It’s a bad mix.

The problem is quitting. I could quit today and have a pretty decent savings to hold me over but after that, I’d have nothing. I have no college education and no work experience I’d be willing to put down on a resume. I have no references. I have no legal connections. I have nothing besides the business I’ve. built around myself. Surrounded by people who do the same thing that I do.

I have a couple moves I could make but my motivation is shot. I could go back to college, that’s a great option. I could hone in on my weed growing skills and save up for when legalization comes to my state. I could build a legit business.

For now though, I’ll stick to what I know and what I’m good at. Hoping to find the dragon I’m chasing.

How do you avoid getting caught?


I’ve had buyers busted before with much, much harder drugs than Xanax. I suspect all of them to have said my name. I doubt they’re going to do a prison sentence when they could just get a buy on me.

  1. They shouldn’t have any trial of communication between the two of you. Never, ever, ever, ever leave a trail! Once asked for proof they should go “uh….” and that’s it.
  2. Cut them off. I don’t care how close you are. I don’t care if the charge has nothing to do with drugs. If they are in handcuffs, they are cut off. Never to be spoken to again.
  3. Keep a tight knit circle. 3 people at most. None of them are to know each other. It’s less people you deal with, the less people you have to keep track of.
  4. House is always, always clean! Never keep ANYTHING drug related in your house.
  6. Your darknet laptop should not have a HDD and should be AWAY from your house. NEVER connect to a darknet site at your home internet.
  7. Packages should never come to your house. Always use a drop.
  8. Don’t use a bank. Hide your cash like you’d hide your drugs.
  9. Lawyer on retainer. This should be the first thing you pay for with drug money. Memorize his number. Give him bail money to use and only he has access to it.
  10. DO NOT TOUCH PRODUCT PACKAGING! Use gloves when packing up product and wipe down with rubbing alcohol. Wear gloves when dropping them off to your buyer.
  11. I take an extra step and do not do transaction. I take the money and the buyer will get the package via a dead drop within the hour. I DO NOT hand drugs over for money EVER. If your buyer doesn’t understand this rule, do not sell to them.

It seems like you have all your bases covered, although there are still ways of getting busted and to think you’re 100% untraceable seems ignorant

If your goal is to be 100% untraceable, you’ve failed from the beginning.

You just need to be worth less than the investigation. Think of your police force like a thief casing a house(Houses are drug dealers). The thief is going to pick a house that is easy to get into. They want low hanging fruit. They don’t want to have to use explosives or expensive drills to get your TV when the neighbors have one and the front door is unlocked. Now, if they know you’re holding diamonds or a mound of gold…they might be way more willing to use expensive tools and force to get in.

Is it worth going after a mid-range Xanax dealer who has his bases covered? The time, energy, and man-power spent on busting me wouldn’t net much. It’s my first offense and I have a decent lawyer ready to fight for me. There’s a story of a guy who ran a sled over the Canadian border with $55 MILLION worth of Xanax, they gave him 5 years of house arrest in a Federal court room. I’ve studied case after case of Xanax related busts.


Would you rather focus on the “dumb” drug dealers who use Facebook and Snapchat to sell to anyone and everyone?

Could you give an example of a drop for ordering items? I just can’t see how this is secure. Abandoned house, PO box, neighbor, friend? How can you securely pick up a package at your drop location?

Rent a house in a ghetto area with a fake ID. I didn’t need to give up my social security or anything. I just showed my ID, signed papers, and handed over deposit and first months rent.

My buyer(s) will tell me the quantity they want, I’ll either do it hours later or the next day depending on how I feel, and I’ll go drop the product in a discrete location where I can check if anyone is following me or not and I usually use 2 level transportation(Car to one spot then ride my bike to another location), I’ll meet them, take cash, and then communicate with them later with the GPS location.

I’m a little surprised that your buyers are willing to hand you cash before you’ve given them the product. What guarantee do they have that you won’t just run off with the money?

They don’t have to do business with me. I have super competitive pricing so if they’re not willing to give me a try, there’s somebody who will. I always let the first pack go for a lower amount, like 100, but after that it’s 500 or more minimum. It’s not worth my time to do any less.

You said that you leave your phone at a different location and not your house. Doesn’t it not really matter if you’re using an app like wickr? Do you randomly go to the place and check your messages?

Your phone has GPS and more than likely a backdoor installed.

It’s a pain in the ass but here’s how I do it:

You can leave your phone at your drop house if you turn it off/take out the battery but I’ll leave my personal phone at home, go pick up the burner phone, drive to a coffee shop or library or something, and use it from there. I can usually get all my deals set up within an hour from there. After that, I’ll go drop the product off at my location, meet my person, and then go back to get my phone. I’ll use my phone in my car a good 5-10 miles away from my drop house, just a quick drive, to text them the location.

There were points in my life where I was meeting 3 people and points in my life I was working with just 1 person. The more people I’m working with, the more work I have to put in.

How do you avoid leaving a trail of your communications?

here’s a couple anonymous apps that you can use BUT do NOT use them on your personal phone. Get a “burner” phone and use them on there AWAY from your home. Turn the phone off and keep it in a different location than your home. NEVER TAKE IT TO YOUR HOME!

It’s a lot of work but you NEED to take your OPSEC seriously.

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