Reaction GIFs Beeeeeyotch!

January 17, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Funny Pictures

My mom coming back into my room finding me sleeping 5 mins after she woke me up


When a website offering a free trial ask for my credit card number


When a coworker brings in new baby photos to the office and I have to pretend it’s cute


When your girl passed out but her hoe friend still taking shots

via Gfycat


When I’m showing my friends one of my favorite movies and they aren’t reacting how I thought they would


My uncle’s reaction when I show him proof that the politically charged article he posted on Facebook is fake news


When the song ends as I pull into my parking spot


When my 7-year-old son catches a lizard


When I tell my friend I’m only going to have 1 drink tonight


*8 year old me playing hide and seek*

Friend: “okay count to 30 no cheating”



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