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Eating Myself to Death at Golden Corral – Mel Magazine

This charger charges your devices twice as fast – Amazon

What It’s Like To Go Without Complaining For A Month – Fast Co

Mormon Gay Conversion Therapist Now ‘Choosing to Pursue Life’ as Homosexual – Newsweek

How Technology is Hijacking Your Mind — from a Magician and Google Design Ethicist – Thrive

The Simple Truth Behind Reading 200 Books a Year – Observer

Hot Mom Can’t Stop Taking Selfies, Watch Your Kid Lady! – Leenks

The Marijuana Billionaire Who Doesn’t Smoke Weed – Fortune

What I Learned from a Month on the Carnivore Diet – Outside

WATCH: White Couple Who Identify as Black Are Sure Their Baby Will Come Out Black, Too – Pluralist

U.S. Navy swapping $38,000 periscope joysticks for $30 Xbox controllers on high-tech submarines – GeekWire

Zach and Slater training Jiu-Jitsu together – Instagram

Five Greatest Upsets in Super Bowl History – Gunaxin

Feminist seminar: ‘Please refrain’ from wearing fragrances…including DEODORANT! – Campus Reform

These Cut-Resistant Gloves Are Actual Lifesavers If You Cook Or Work With Sharp Objects – Amazon

This Woman Can Grow a Beard, and Her Boyfriend Loves It – Men’s Health

Maitland Ward Erotica of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

4 toughest interview questions you need to prepare for – I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Trump, Kim Jong-un to Hold Second Meeting Next Month – NY Times

How Much Should People Have Saved In Their 401Ks At Different Ages – Financial Samurai

Cristiano Ronaldo agrees to pay $21M fine for tax fraud – Sports Gossip

Christen Harper’s hottest photos compilation – Celeb J

Angry Virgin Threatened to Kill ‘as Many Girls as I See’ Near Women’s March – The Daily Beast

Instead of building a new campus, Microsoft will spend $500m on affordable housing – The Hustle

This girl is ready to f**k (nsfw) – Ehowa

2 guys walk into room and start a fight, instantly sucker punched by karma – Trending Views

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