The Daily Man-Up: How To Handle Rejection Like A Man

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As much as it may sting, rejection is part and parcel of dating.  The only guaranteed way to avoid it, is to sit on the sidelines and not get your butt in the game at all (and if that sounds appealing, you’re on the wrong site). So if we accept that rejection is something you’ll need to deal with… let’s talk about how to deal with it in a calm and mature fashion i.e. how to handle rejection like a man.

And the easiest way to explain how to do that, is by talking about what NOT to do.

So, here are the 3 common mistakes men make when it comes to handling rejection:

#1 Getting emotional

Sometimes you’ll approach a woman and she simply won’t be interested. Perhaps she already has a boyfriend, only dates men of a certain race or age group, or she might not even like dudes at all.

Or maybe you’ll go on a date or two and she texts you that she’d rather be friends.

Or perhaps she just never responded to any of your texts after you got her number.

Whatever the situation, it doesn’t make sense to take it personally and become highly emotional, because the truth is it’s NO BIG DEAL.

But when you get upset, sad, angry or start yelling, it reveals so much about you and your insecurities that as women, we immediately see we were right to reject you.

Think about it:

If you were a confident, happy and successful guy winning at life… would you be phased by one stranger’s opinion of you?

There are tons of other available women out there, that you shouldn’t be so emotionally invested if it doesn’t work out with any particular one.

#2 Treating it like a debate

Instead of becoming highly emotional like in the scenario above, these men become highly logical.

They try to point out all the reasons why she’s wrong, and highlight why they would be so perfect for each other.

And the guy might actually be right — on paper, they could be a perfect match.

The problem is that chemistry and sexual attraction doesn’t take place on paper!

If she doesn’t feel it with you, no amount of debating and pointing out the logical reasons why she’s wrong is going to change her mind.

You’ll only come off as needy and/or condescending, like you think you know what’s best for her better than she does.

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