Aikido Black Belt Tests Himself Against Professional MMA Fighter

January 26, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Scrap

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aikido vs mma real sparring

This doesn’t prove anything. If they were going 100% Aikido wins everytime. There’s a reason it’s not in the UFc – it’s not allowed. UFC wants fights, not deaths.

There are already plenty of people calling Aikido – Bullshido , yet time came to really see whether traditional Aikido works in an MMA ring. While this video is not Aikido vs MMA as a real fight, it’s only a light sparring, it still shows how Aikido doesn’t work in this setting even when paired against an Aikido practitioner of many years. It’s a good sign that Aikido combat is not really the greatest part of Aikido effectiveness. No matter what martial arts you pair Aikido with making an Aikido vs video, whether it will be Aikido vs MMA, Aikido vs BJJ, Aikido vs Karate, Aikido vs Judo or any other Aikido vs, it probably will always have a hard time and it Aikido’s lack in training method will leave Aikido exposed. In the end it becomes a scene of Aikido fantasy vs reality, which explains why some of the mains search words for Aikido are: Aikido fake, aikido bullshido, aikido doesn’t work, aikido gets owned, aikido gets destroyed, aikido in reality, aikido is garbage and more.


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