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Why We’ll Look Back at Our Smartphones Like Cigarettes – GQ

The hottest babes of the day – Caveman AfterDark

If you serious about achieving all your goals and realizing your dreams, read this book – Amazon

This ‘doomsday prepper dream home’ in the Nevada desert is on sale for $900,000 — take a look inside – CNBC

UAE’s gender equality awards won entirely by men – The Guardian

A damn fine collection of booty – Phun

In Selfie Era, Cosmetic Surgeons Confront ‘Snapchat Dysmorphia’ – WBUR

What Happens When You Drink a Gallon of Water a Day? – Outside

A simple trick to help you speak in public without showing your nerves – Ideas

How to throw a successful Super Bowl party – Gunaxin

The NRA Would Design Schools That Look Like Prison – Economist

Female Gun Owner Scares Off Three Home Invaders (video) – Leenks

This Is The Best TV To Watch The Super Bowl On – Amazon

Life Skills You Need to Increase Your Likelihood of Success – INC

What Happens When You Spend a Year Using Science to Improve Your Brain – The Verge

Kevin Durant now being linked to IG Model Nae Santana – Sports Gossip

Latest 401(k) Balance By Age Versus Recommended Amount For A Comfortable Retirement – Financial Samurai

A Simple Explanation Of How The DNA-Editing Technique CRISPR Works – YouTube

Starcraft Is A Deep, Complicated War Strategy Game. Google’s Alphastar AI Crushed It – VOX

The Surprising Power of The Long Game – Farnam Street

Christina Hendricks Fucking on Camera of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

Before you ask her to marry you, do this – Mel Magazine

A Singer Named Kelsy Karter Got A Massive Tattoo Of Harry Styles Directly On Her Face – Barstool Sports

St. Louis Officer Charged in Fatal Russian Roulette Shooting of Another Officer, Authorities Say – NY Times

Man in Florida Discovers ‘WWII Hand Grenade,’ Drives It to Local Taco Bell – Gizmodo

Everything You Need to Know to File Your 2018 Taxes – 2Cents

30 One-Sentence Stories From People Who Have Built Better Habits – James Clear

Woman Gets Stuck in Manhattan Townhouse Elevator for 3 Days – NBC

Meredith Mickelson should be on your radar of hotness – G-Celeb

The Game Details How Kim Kardashian Swallowed His Kids – The Blemish

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