9 Most Addictive Snacks You Never Heard Of

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Honey Butter Chips

In August 2014, Honey Butter Chips hit the shelves of the Korean peninsula and thus began the hottest snack trend to hit the Asian market this millennium. Within months, Honey Butter chips were impossible to find. Convenience stores were consistently sold out of the item. Disgruntled employees became so annoyed by beleaguering inquiries about the next shipment they posted signs on their door notifying that they were out of stock. Luckily for you the hysteria has died down and is now widely available for purchase

On the first bite these instantly became my favorite chips. They almost taste like toasted potato bread smothered with butter and honey

honey butter chips


Daelmans Stroopwafels

A stroopwafel is the sweeter, handheld cookie version of your favorite childhood breakfast. It’s comprised of two thin layers of dough pressed into a waffle iron and filled with a caramel-like syrup in the middle. It is absolutely perfect with you morning coffee or tea and they will definitely impress your tastebuds.

daelmans stroopwafels



Nagaraya Hot And Spicy Cracker Nuts

This snack comes from the Philippines and is basically a peanut wrapped in a crunchy shell that has a uniquely wondeful taste that just draws you and won’t let you stop eating.

nagarya hot and spicy



These things are like crack! They’re better than starbursts and have great flavors all their own without being overwhelming. They’re like chewing gum to the point where you want to swallow the yummy gum and you actually can



Tim Tam

My friend came back from Australia and gave me a couple pack of these cookies and I was immediately hooked. The cookie is an Oreo on steroids, comprised of two chocolate malt “biscuits” filled with chocolate cream filling and dipped in more chocolate. It pretty much kicks every other cookie’s ass.



Osem Bamba

The bestselling snack in Israel, Bamba is what you would get if you swapped in peanut butter for the cheese in Cheetos puffs. The peanut butter-coated corn puffs are air-baked, giving them a light and crunchy texture. And they won’t give you dusty fingers — the puffs get their flavor from all-natural peanut butter, which is poured into each batch before the Bamba is cooled and packaged.

osem bamba


Trade Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter

Is there anything as addictive or amazing as this Cookie Butter? It is made with speculoos cookies, which are a spiced cookie (think cinnamon and nutmeg) from the Netherlands.  The cookies themselves are also delicious.  It is a little more firm and grittier than peanut butter, but has a similar consistency.  It is good on ANYTHING: ice cream, pancakes, pretzels, toast, apples, speculoos cookies, in baked goods, on a spoon.  The possibilities are really endless.  It is highly addictive, yet worth every calorie.

speculoos cookie butter



A single Knoppers waffle consists of five crunchy, creamy layers: A waffle, hazelnut creme, another waffle, milk creme, and one last chocolate-covered waffle. The combo of flavors (it’s basically a nougat-filled, nutella-drenched chocolate-coated waffle) makes Knoppers pretty addicting.



Pulparindo De La Rosa

Pulparindo is the classic Mexican candy. It has a tangy taste of tamarind, hint of spiciness, and is not overwhelmingly salty.

Pulparindo De La Rosa

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