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Hot Girls In Yoga Pants Compilation – Leenks

The New Salad Fingers Is Out! – YouTube

A docking station lets you quickly connect a monitor, Ethernet, hard drives, and audio to a work laptop with a single cable – Amazon

The Hottest Photos Of The Day – Caveman Afterdark

FBI finds no motive in Las Vegas shooting and closes investigation – NPR

Syrian Rebel demonstrates a nifty improvised anti-aircraft firing technique – GFY

While in prison, Florida Man got Chinese takeout, sat in guard station in exchange for tax advice – Fox News

Gucci Owner Owes $1.6 Billion Taxes, Italy Audit Finds – Bloomberg

Awesome picdump of the day – Phun

How Girl Scout cookies captured the heart of America – VOX

Ted Bundy’s Living Victim Tells Her Story – Rolling Stone

Listened to a bunch of headphones, this are closest to perfection. Not bassy. Excellent mids and highs, solid lows – Amazon

3 Women on Caring for Disabled Siblings – The Cut

You Know The Lorena Bobbitt Story. But Not All Of It – NY Times

Robocallers blasted Americans with 26.3 billion spam calls last year – Robocalls are up 46 percent from 2017 – The Verge

Kentucky governor’s lawyers: Kim Davis failed to do her job as clerk, must pay $225,000 in legal fees – Kentucky

Surprising no one, survey shows almost 60% of Americans have ditched cable TV – BGR

The average mid-sized cruise emits the same amount of pollution as one-million cars per day – Uproxx

David Goggins Wrote the Game Plan for Peak Performance – Outside

Possibly Iggy Azalea Nude of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

Trump calls US intelligence officials ‘naive’, says they ‘should go back to school’ – ABC

Ariana Grande’s Japanese ’7 Rings’ Tattoo Really Says ’Barbecue Grill’ – Kotaku

Houston Astros Pitching Prospect Throws A Ball Over 111MPH – Sports Gossip

Plug And Patch Or Replace Tire? Depends On The Puncture Location – Financial Samurai

Insys Founder Ran Bribe Scheme To Push Opoiods – Reuters

Measles outbreak fueled by anti-vaccination movement – CBS

Millennial Charged With Murder of Parents Who Booted Him From Home Over $200K Porn ‘Girlfriend’ – Pluralist

Girl Rides A Motorized Pleasure Machine & Her Reaction Tells She Loves It! – Live Leak

Dude Makes Facebook Cam Girl Completely Lose Her Sh*t! – Worldstar

Hospital Accidentally Pulls The Plug On The Wrong Person In A Terrible Case Of Mistaken Identity – All That Is Interesting

Loss Aversion Says That the Pain of Loss Is Stronger than the Joy of Gain – Curiosity

An Intimate Look at Katee Life’s Bewbs (nsfw) – BB Blog

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