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(photo: Eyüp Belen)

But there’s patience, and there’s patience. I’ll explain:

When launching into a new project, such as regular fitness, a diet, or start-up, many of us approach it with a beginner’s frame of mind where we subtly assume that if we can just get through the first month or so, then we’ll make it to the goal, and it will get easy from there.

So in other words, we see consistent self-discipline as a hustle toward some end-point after which our dreams come true and everything is gravy. From there we set a new goal and repeat.

This is true to some extent, but not totally. When we start a new habit, the new habit isn’t something we’re ‘getting through’ … it’s our life now. This is it. This is the experience of being YOU now. That feeling when your body has less sugar than it’s used to? Or the feeling of getting out of bed at 6am? This is your life now.

You DO get used to it, but there’s a paradox. Because you only ‘get used to it’ when you stop holding your breath about it. This is what I mean by patience and patience. Patience is you having a harder and harder time getting out of bed at 6 am, having to force yourself harder and harder.

Patience on the other hand is going ‘Oh! wow. So this is what this feels like. This is my life now. Better get used to it.’

The difference is in the friction. When your patience is the “let’s just get through it” variety, then time is stacked against you. You will fail eventually, whether tomorrow or in 60 days. You progress will be erased and you’ll return to ground zero. When you have the more enlightened “I’m willing to feel this way forever now, and allow the results to come whenever they wish” variety of patience… then time is on your side. You will prevail as time goes on.

Brent Huras

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