The Daily Man-Up: It’s Never Too Late

February 7, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Man-Up

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We tend to see life in sections rather than a continuous journey. We box it up and stack its sections in an order that’s almost taboo to break.

We set targets by age, and once past a specific age, we convince ourselves that the target has been missed and the opportunity squandered.

“Oh, I’m too old for all that”.

“I can’t go back to study now”.

“Concerts are for young people”.

“I’d love to have travelled when I was younger”.

“I love it, but I’d feel silly wearing It”.

“People will think I’m crazy”.

We are pre-programmed with societal restrictions that dictate when we can and can’t do things. We then end up judging others by what they are doing at a particular age, using their decisions, hobbies, musical tastes, dress sense, possessions and other defining factors as ways to sum up their achievements, and ultimately their level of happiness.

The reality is that those having the most fun are those who break free of such limitations, those who empty the boxes, throw all the stuff on the floor and follow their intuition down roads that feel inspiring.

When you stop putting your life in boxes, when you stop considering time to be the determining factor in what you can and can’t do, looking at old photos saying stuff like, “I wish I was twenty, thirty or forty again”, when you see life as a pathway upon which you only need to keep walking, you will stop being afraid to put one foot in front of the other, and stop giving a hoot what the neighbours say.

The only rules stopping you living the life you want to live are those you have adopted from the opinions and judgments of others.

Own your life. Take your life back today. Whether you are 25 or 65, stand up right now and say; “I’m taking my life back”. Put the wheels in motion and take action on that thing you’ve wanted to do for the past month, year or perhaps even your whole life.

It’s never too late: never too late to do, to say, to achieve – to start being you.

Never let self-fabricated, invisible boundaries stop you doing anything you feel capable of doing. And even when you think you might not be capable, give it a shot. You will surprise yourself. I guarantee it.

(via Pocket Mindfulness)

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