Elderly YouTuber Wrote Down His Subscribers In A Notebook And Thanked Them Individually

February 11, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: main

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One elderly YouTuber/world grandpa has taken the internet by storm, all through the power of good, old-fashioned manners.

Nilson Izaias is a senior citizen who loves to post stories about the flowers and fruits in his garden.

As January came to a close, Nilson had a very respectable number of subscribers – approximately 7,000 – but did not let this go to his head.

With what must have taken significant effort, Nilson wrote down all the names of his subscribers in a notebook, as a means of thanking them. He then showed the list in a heartwarming, gratitude filled video.


Nilson’s loyal fanbase have shown their appreciation for this lovely man, referring to him fondly in the comments as ‘friend’ or ‘grandpa’.

The only problem? His channel appears to have exploded as a result. Nilson now has over 4.2 million subscribers

That’s a lot of composition notebooks to fill.

Since the original post, Nilson has made multiple thank you videos, all of them equally uplifting. 


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