These Identical Twins Reveal They Take Turns To Have Sex With Their Shared Boyfriend

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Sisters Anna and Lucy DeCinque, who are known as the world’s most identical twins, have revealed that they take it in turns to have sex with their shared boyfriend.

The 33-year-old siblings from Perth, Australia, also revealed that they are both present while one is making love with their partner of eight years Ben Byrne.

The sisters appeared on the latest episode of Australian TV programme Hughesy, We Have a Problem, where they discussed their relationship with the mechanic who they first started dating in 2012.

The sisters, who live with Ben and their mother said on the show: ‘We sleep in a king size bed, bigger than a king size bed – about six inches more.’

They said that they would sleep either side of Ben and when host Dave Hughes asked if they were both present when the other had sex they replied ‘yes.’

Lucy added: ‘There’s no jealousy in the relationship if Ben will kiss Anna he will kiss me Lucy.’ 

Anna added:  ‘Ben accepts us he doesn’t mind that we dress alike and want to be together, he doesn’t judge us.

‘We always have each others backs there’s always two against one. He gets double the love double the attention.’   

The sisters say that every aspect of their lives must be identical, and they even shower together

The sisters also expressed their desire to marry their longterm boyfriend, however polygamy is banned under the Australian Marriage Act 1961. 

‘Okay, so we share a partner Ben and we would like marry him one day but the law in Australia says we can’t, so what do we do?” they told the panel.

The siblings, who splashed out nearly $250,000 on cosmetic surgery to make themselves look more alike before reversing the effects, went on to detail the lengths they go to stay identical.

Lucy said: If she goes to the toilet I have to go at the same time because we eat and drink the same, we shower together, we’re just never apart.


‘It’s stressful being us, we have to measure our plates, every thing has to be identical.’

The sisters went on to admit that they even plan to be pregnant at the same time, claiming it’s ‘Ben’s job’ to make sure that happens. 

In a video posted to their YouTube channel in mid-July, the two shared their feelings about having babies at the same time and questioning whether or not it would be possible for that to happen. 

“We want to experience pregnancy together,” they said in the video. “We want our bodies to look the same. Because we’re so close, we want to experience everything together. That’s why we share a boyfriend.”



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