Fascinating Photos Collected From History

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Man standing on lap of colossal figure of Ramses, 1856


Cowboys drinking at a saloon in Tascosa, Texas 1907


Cowboys sit around Bob Leavitt’s Saloon in Jordan, Montana, 1904


The American Look in 1945 according to the department store, Lord & Taylor

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A black Union soldier sits, posted in front of a slave auction house on Whitehall Street in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1864


An advertisement for a slave auction in Charleston, South Carolina.


Class Divide in Britain, 1930’s

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Gym aboard The Titanic, 1912


A Meccan merchant with his Circassian slave. (1886-1887)


African-American, sharecropper & mother teaching her children numbers and alphabet at home in Transylvania, Louisiana in 1939.

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Marine First Lieutenant Hart H. Spiegal of Topeka, Kansas, uses sign language as he tries to strike up a conversation with two tiny Japanese soldiers captured on Okinawa. The boy on the left claims he is “18” while his companion boasts “20” years. 1945


Brothers Sril and Zelig Jacob shortly after their arrival at Auschwitz, 1944.


Polish children await physical examinations, the passing of which would allow them to be adopted by German families. Failure led to the death camps. c.1940.


Execution of the Four Abraham Lincoln Assassination Conspirators: Mary Surratt, Lewis Powell, David Herold and George Atzerodt. July 7th, 1865


B-17 bombers encounter heavy flak fire over Merseburg, Germany c.1944 i

Relevant Viewing: Ball Turret Gunners


The remains of Vladimir Komarov, after he died due to parachute failure of Soyuz I, 24 April 1967

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Partisan before hanging out of the Nazis shouting:”Death to fascism,freedom to people” 1944


Miners using an “aerial tram” to descend into the Kimberly Diamond Mine in South Africa, ca. 1885


Newly liberated Jewish survivors of Buchenwald concentration camp are joined by Jewish U.S. Army soldiers who helped liberate the camp for the first day of Shavuot religious service conducted by U.S. Army chaplain Rabbi Herschel Schachter. 18 May 1945.


A series of Allied firebombing raids begins against the German city of Dresden, reducing the “Florence of the Elbe” to rubble and flames, and killing as many as 135,000 people. It was the single most destructive bombing of the war—including Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1945

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