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Will El Chapo be able to escape from an American prison?

No way; he’s done for life now. Basically he was done the moment he got extradited to the US, really. The system here has its corruption, certainly; but nowhere near the level of Mexico’s.

That was always one of the main fears for foreign drug lords in fact, going all the way back to the time of Pablo Escobar; being extradited and ending up facing the full brunt of the US justice and penal system.

If he indeed is sent to the Florence, Colorado, ADMAX facility he will spend the remainder of his life (at least 22 hrs a day/365 days a year) in cells just like the one(s) photographed in this article: What it’s like inside the ‘Alcatraz of the Rockies,’ America’s toughest prison

From there, “Inmates spend their days in 12-by-7-foot cells with thick concrete walls and double sets of sliding metal doors (with solid exteriors, so prisoners can’t see one another). A single window, about three feet high but only four inches wide, offers a notched glimpse of sky and little else. Each cell has a sink-toilet combo and an automated shower, and prisoners sleep on concrete slabs topped with thin mattresses. Most cells also have televisions (with built-in radios), and inmates have access to books and periodicals, as well as certain arts-and-craft materials.

“Prisoners in the general population are allotted a maximum of 10 hours of exercise a week outside their cells, alternating between solo trips to an indoor ‘gym’ (a windowless cell with a single chin-up bar) and group visits to the outdoor rec yard (where each prisoner nonetheless remains confined to an individual cage). All meals come through slots in the interior door, as does any face-to-face human interaction (with a guard or psychiatrist, chaplain or imam). The Amnesty report said that ADX prisoners ‘routinely go days with only a few words spoken to them.’”

He will also be in there with notorious international and domestic terrorists (or would-be terrorists) such as Zacarias Moussaoui (said to have been the intended “20th hijacker” who was supposed to have participated in 9/11); Ramzi Yousef (the first WTC bomber from 1993); three of the al-Qaeda operatives who helped in the plot to destroy the two US Embassies in Eastern Africa in 1998; Dzohar Tsarnaev (the surviving Boston Marathon bomber, in 2013). Along with Ted Kaczynski the Unabomber; Terry Nichols who was one of the Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building bomb plot conspirators. Eric Rudolph, the Christian extremist-militant “Army of God” bomber.

As well as spies such as Robert Hanssen, a former senior FBI agent who passed classified material to the Soviet Union and then Russia over a 20-year period, which was regarded as the worst intelligence disaster in U.S. history at the time; and Walter Myers who was an intel analyst for the State Dept who betrayed his country for Cuba, passing Cuba classified US national defense information.

With regard to more typical criminals more akin to himself (criminals more or less at the ‘top of the food chain’ so to speak, in their respective spheres of influence), Guzman will be incarcerated there with the likes of former leader of the Gulf Cartel, Osiel Cardenas Guillen (scheduled for release in 2025). Three of the top ‘Mexican Mafia’ leaders who were moved from other prisons to the ADMAX for ultra-security. One of the former top leaders of the Chicago Italian-American mafia (James Marcello). A leader or former leader of the NYC Latin Kings street gang. The leader of the Chicago-based Gangster Disciples street gang, Larry Hoover. A former leader of the Chicago-based ‘Black P Stones’ street gang (namely Jeff Fort, who started the ‘El Rukn’ set; which attempted to engage in terrorism on US soil in exchange for money from Libya). The founder of the ‘United Bloods Nation’ gang. As well as Kaboni Savage the former Philadelphia area drug kingpin sentenced to death in 2013.

And at least two or more high-level ‘shot-callers’ of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang, who were sent to ADMAX for increased high-max security following their killings of multiple other inmates and/or guards at other facilities. Well-known several-time prison escapee Richard McNair is also held there; because he can’t get out.

– JJ Cohn



What is heroin withdrawl like?

I always used to wonder what it felt like long before touching it, but now that im deep in it for the 3rd time its all too familiar and even just annoying at times.

Fucking heroin is awesome when the ball starts rolling. Its so damn relaxing that its on your mind all the time. So the hell with it, you just start smoking black everyday ( or whatever youre doing). For days and weeks nothing unusual happens. Its almost like weed, you just comedown, sorta bummed that its over and thats that, do some more tomorrow.

After a while the tone of it changes so slightly its like you cant quite put your finger on it. Am i just a little depressed today? Am I coming down with a cold? Did i sleep funny? This might go on a few more days and it creeps up so slowly you almost forget that youre starting to feel shitty when youre sober. You start feeling like you have a little flu now and the high of the heroin feels so good that it might not even dawn on you right away that you feel better when you get high. It just feels good anyways right? Youve been sick with the cold or flu before but now you know somethings up. This isnt the flu. This is something youve never felt before and its getting unnerving now.

“Ah fuck, i got hooked on it”. Theres a whole way to it, theres rules to this shit.

When the dope wears off youre not so much bummed that youre sober anymore, youre nervous of whats coming if you dont get some more. At first youre overall good if you have at one good dose in a given day. The day after you start getting butterflies in your stomach like something bad is about to happen but for the most part youre not sick yet.

That following night the insomnia sets in and makes trying to sleep on stimulants sound easy. Its this fucking goddamn annoying thing in your back, like you need to stretch or pop your back but you cant if you try. Youre half asleep and tired as hell but you just cant slip into sleep. Now its the next day, your queasy, you feel like youre gonna have diarhea, your stomach feels empty and hollow but you dont have the slightest appetite. Sleep deprivation is setting in and you have this odd dizzy out of it sensation. Cognition is going out the window. You keep the process going and get your fix when you can but everything is starting to fall apart.

The window of time between your last dose and the dopesickness is getting smaller and smaller. Eventually your feeling sick 12 hours after the last fix. And then its less than 10 hours, and thats when heroin’s character really comes out to play. You only get a full sleep if you get fixed up before you lay down. Youre waking up, your sweaty, but cold. Your nose runs, motivation hasnt come around in forever and you wanna make an excuse to get out of anything. Jobs start going down the tubes, “sick” days are piling up. You’re in a bathroom every 30 minutes with the most relentless diarhea until your asshole is raw flesh. Youre always tryna puke something up from your cold empty stomach. You are consumed with the most overwhelming anxiety, and you fidget and twitch cause you cant relax at all. You bounce your leg, your back fucking hurts like wtf is this? Theres some ache that comes from out of your bones it seems. All your muscles feel like you did an extreme workout yesterday. Moving around too much makes you dizzy. Depression is just always hanging out with you.

This is an expensive habit and all your financial wisdom goes out the window if you even had any that is. Youll take out loans, fronts, skip bills, fall behind, pull fraud, tell lies, maybe even steal. Whatever it takes to get better. Its a long dark tunnel, could last 4 days or more before you start seeing light at the end, and thats a long time to be in there. Could be weeks before you start going back to normal, maybe longer. Watch where you step in candyland.

– teezymac



What was life like before vaccinations?

Let me put it this way. How many families do you personally know who’ve lost children between the ages 3 and 10 to a disease of any sort?

My mother is in her eighties. When she was growing up EVERYBODY knew a family that had lost a child to a disease. Most knew more than one family who had. Imagine the day-care, or school you take your child to. Think how often these children get sick. Now imagine that 1 in 20, so probably 1 or 2 out of every class, was going to die from one of these diseases before 4th grade.

People today, don’t fear what they really should fear. There are wolves circling, all the time, for your children. All the time. Just because you haven’t seen them in decades, doesn’t mean they aren’t out there still, hungrily circling, waiting for you to let your guard down.

Anti-vaxxers are letting their guard down. Unfortunately, the children the wolves are going to get aren’t necessarily their children. The wolves will exploit any opening, and they don’t care which child they take.

That’s the strongest analogy I have. We finally found a way to keep the wolves at bay, but it required everyone in the community to guard against them. It’s a simple thing to do. It’s been made as easy as possible to guard against them, but still, some get lazy, or forgetful, or refuse to believe in the wolves, and then the wolves slip through and take a child.



How effective will a wall be in preventing illegal immigration?

I’m a veteran of the Army Corps of Engineers, and specialized in physical security, the art of keeping people out (or in).

It is one of the first things they teach on physical security that barriers are incapable of keeping people out; that thinking the existence of a wall or door will keep someone out is the absolute worst mistake you can make. There is no such thing as an effective barrier.

Instead, doors, fences, and locks are delay devices, meant to keep someone busy while the the alarms bring responders. In any real physical security scenario, it is really the responders (and the threat of them) that keep people away, not the walls.

Further, when there IS a wall, generally all costs for security and alerting are built into the wall, offering a fantastic opportunity for attackers to plan distractions, costly vandalism, and to circumvent the easily probed security. You k ow how expensive it is to hire a welder to work in the desert, and to haul repair materials out like that? It’s certainly not cheap. And then you need an HSI expert to repair and test the security.

But the desert doesn’t need another delay mechanism. The desert there itself is the delay mechanism, as it takes days to cross, and there’s nowhere to hide.

Instead, we just need an effective alarm. Instead of a wall or barrier, what we need is drones: cheap, efficient cameras capable of quickly being replaced and covering large areas. Put a motion sensor and anomaly detection on the drone platform, have it call out a second drone for continued monitoring, and follow the incursion while alerting the actual border patrol to send out a truck.

This would be far more effective. If a drone goes down or gets shot down, it would be trivial to detect and send replacements and response. All the drones need is a platform for recharging: put them on the border patrol vehicles.

We don’t need another delay mechanism; we already have one. We just need an effective alarm.

Imagine you GET that wall you say would help….

Some Mexican teenager decides to troll the idiot US border security by taking out the cameras every few miles by hucking rocks, or using spray paint. And while he does that, and generates a response, he’s already gone, and on the other side of, well, a wall.

Or someone wants to cross the wall. Well, that’s just a ladder, a rope ladder, and a carpet square. Maybe on the same section where they’ve been regularly triggering an alarm to get responders to disregard alerts.

Or just tunnels under it. Now you think you have a secure perimeter, but none of the security is aimed at the breach because the security is all a part of the wall, and the tunnel ends further in.

Or a couple people decide to take hacksaws and remove a few sections of the wall every day just because they feel like it. Now you need to get a welder on staff, and replacement parts for whatever gets broken.

With a drone, your effective sensor range goes from maybe 20 feet to miles, and it comes with a view of whatever it sensed, can follow whatever it sensed, and can even have several alternative spectrum cameras (night vision, heat). Instead of being sent blind out into a desert, you get an image on a tablet of whatever-it-is in real time, with precise coordinates.

– Jarhyn

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