Reaction GIFs Up In This Beeeyotch!

February 21, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Funny Pictures

When your young cousin asks you if you have ever heard of a game called ‘Pokémon’ and you have all the gym badges from every single game


When somebody holds the door for me but I’m kinda far away


The first time without a condom


When I’m lying in bed and I hear my trash can get blown over


When the second wipe is far dirtier than the first


Walking through TSA pre-check as I pass everyone in the standard line


When I’m at someone’s house and find out they don’t believe people should use soap


When the wife takes too long shopping at the beauty aisle


When my brother hands me the controller to help him past a level he’s hopelessly stuck on


When I see my friends laughing without me


Me hitting the last beer pong cup at my newphews 5th birthday party



My brothers growing up:


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