War Is Hell

March 4, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: TRUTH

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Libyan T-55 tank is catastrophically hit with an ATGM


Lucky Marine Survives Sniper Headshot By Inches In Afghanistan


Apache annihilates squadron of Taliban whom were on their way to ambush a U.S. patrol


Syrian Rebel’s RPG Fails in the Worst Way


IS fighter falls dead in front of cameraman, who uses him as cover while reloading


Omaha Beach


Japanese kamikaze narrowly misses group of sailors on the deck of a Carrier


Taliban fighters taken out with a Hellfire missile


US Marines use flame-throwing tanks and flame throwers to clear Japanese pillboxes on Iwo Jima


Gunship takes out 4 insurgents


US Humvees attacked with RKG-3 grenades in Iraq


War is not a game (Syria)


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