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celine farach

Celine Farach is a damn fine woman! – Phun

The First Lesson of Marriage 101: There Are No Soul Mates – The Atlantic

HIV Reportedly Cured In A Second Patient, A Milestone In The AIDS Epidemic – NY Times

The hottest photos of the day – Caveman Afterdark

This $12 product will save you hundreds of dollars in future plumbing costs – Amazon

This is Sharia Law: Indonesian teens publicly flogged for cuddling – CNN

Today’s influencer economy can be explained by a 19th century economic theory – Quartz

My Year of Living Like My Rich Friend – The Cut

The Mountain Proved He’s the World’s Strongest Man, Again – Maxim

This untranslatable Danish word is the key to lowering stress – Popular Science

Here are the data brokers quietly buying and selling your personal information – Fast Co

What Happened When I Made My Students Turn Off Their Phones – Aeon

Your iPhone Has a Hidden List of Every Location You’ve Been – OneZero

If you are tired of your bathroom mirrors fogging, you can apply Rain-X for crystal clear glass even after a scorching hot shower – Amazon

A damn fine collection of bewbs and awesomeness – Leenks

Lindsay Lohan is not aging gracefully – Popoholic

How Much $100 Invested At Successful Companies’ IPO Would Be Worth Today – Digg

Purdue Pharma (Oxycontin) Preparing Possible Bankruptcy Filing – WSJ

Driver Is Fast Asleep As He Lets His Tesla Drive Down The Highway At 75 MPH – Twitter

Millionaire Offers £240,000 To Man To Marry His Daughter – LAD Bible

UK ‘porn block’ starts April 1 – but you can unlock it by handing over ID or buying £5 ‘porn card’ on your local high street – The Sun

A Large Study Provides More Evidence That MMR Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism – NPR

This $12.5 Million Bugatti Is the Most Expensive New Car Ever – Jalopnik

At 21, Kylie Jenner Becomes The Youngest Self-Made Billionaire Ever – Forbes

Alexis Ren Still Slutty and Wet of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

Someone Finally Made a Documentary about the Infamous Techno Viking – Vimeo

Study Finds Artists Become Famous Because of Who They Know, Not Their Work – High Snobiety

‘Brieing’ Is a New Trend Where Middle-Aged Women Eat MDMA Wrapped in Cheese – Munchies

San Francisco rent hits new high at $3,690, most expensive in US – Kron4

Maya ritual cave ‘untouched’ for 1,000 years stuns archaeologists – National Geographic

The Backward Psychology of Why Men Fight Over Women – Mel Magazine

Entire staffs at 3 Sonic locations quit after wages cut to ‘$4/hour plus tips’ – KUTV

This Morning Routine Will Save You 20+ Hours Per Week – INC

Sahara Ray Nip Slip at the Beach (nsfw) – The Slip

I Planned an Orgy With My Best Friend and It Was the Most Liberating Experience of My Life – Men’s Health

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