A Few Videos Guaranteed To Make You Feel Better About Life

March 8, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Life

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Pupper just making sure his human knows they’re loved


Man on Subway Gives Homeless Man Shirt Off his Back


‘Universal mom’ Deborah Woodley showed true grace after her son Tyron’s defeat at UFC 235

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This Man Visits Dumpsters Every Day To Pull Out Abandoned Puppies


Teacher Surprises Students Following Deployment To Afghanistan

Students at Northridge High School were overjoyed when coach and teacher Andrew Olson walked into class after a surprise return from Afghanistan.

Olson is a social studies teacher at the school and also coaches basketball and football.


Students of an elementary school arrange a surprise birthday party for their beloved custodian


Police Officer Buys A Homeless Man Boots


Boy dangling from chairlift saved by quick-thinking skiers in dramatic rescue


Adorable AF!




Sealed their marriage with epic handshake


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