The Daily Man-Up: Discipline Is One Of The Most Necessary Traits For Success.

March 8, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Man-Up

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“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment” as the great Jim Rohn would say. One of the greatest life lessons that my grandpa taught me from an early age was that there is a right time and place for everything. You need to be disciplined enough in life in order to stay sharp and understand the right balance of everything coming your way and everything you are taking on.

What was once considered to be a respected and admirable quality has taken the backseat in this generation that doesn’t really know how to say no to anything. What we have ultimately become are a people that have forgot how to sacrifice and work hard. We opt for the easy way out, the sexy, the here and now and that is because the discipline is gone and we’re only after what appeases and appeals to us in the moment.

If you look at the majority of the population, they are average — and that’s because they lack the discipline needed to become the small percentage of people who have lives that are actually worth something in this world. Discipline is one of the most necessary traits for success.

It is what keeps you levelheaded and helps you understand what is right and what is wrong. It’s not about always picking the sexiest thing or the thing that shines the brightest. It’s about seeing a rough gem and having the patience and discipline to turn it into a diamond. That is what success is.

Our generation has essentially become procrastinators who lack any form of discipline whatsoever. Our insecurities have screwed up our priorities. Like uploading Instagram pictures everywhere we go, checking Facebook every 5 seconds and living on Twitter. It’s FOMO that has taken over discipline as well as YOLO.

It’s the thought that we can live life with no consequences and not have to deal with our terrible decisions until later on — pushing something until later just like we always do with everything that is in front of us. It’s waiting until the last hour to study for a test or taking those extra 15 minutes of sleep when we know we are going to be late if we do so.

Ya, we do only live once but this isn’t a new revelation or a new finding. It doesn’t mean we can be complete idiots with our lives. We are responsible for our own actions and choices…and poor choices are going to be what kills this generation in the long run. Going out on a Monday night until 5am when you know you shouldn’t, just because you feel like you work hard and play hard is not the answer to all your problems. You don’t even know what hard work really is.

Discipline is where hard work stems from. It is never missing a work out, staying on schedule with what you need to do and being the most efficient you can possibly be when you are focusing on something. The issue is that many of us have lost focus on what is really important and moved into the distractions that life offers. Life is a trap that sucks people in.

It offers an easy way out almost every time to test your will-power to see how lazy you truly are. 9/10 people will take the road most traveled, will f*ck around and try to coast by life, but then there is that one person that holds himself to a higher standard than everyone else. That is the one that feels guilty even going to sleep because he is wasting valuable time. Those are the leaders of the world and the ones that are considered to be pioneers because they have discipline.

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