The Daily Man-Up: An Easier Way To Quit Bad Habits

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Quitting bad habits is EASY, you’ve just been using the wrong method!

Normally people quit a habit using willpower, but willpower is a limited resource.

When we rely on willpower we encounter ego-depletion – We lose all motivation to keep fighting and give in to our raging craving.

For example:

When you first quit, you can do well for a few days…

Then you start to think “Maybe just this one time” or “I’ve been good, I can just do it a little”.

And you give in.

But don’t worry, THERE IS ANOTHER WAY:

Using this strange method, I have quit alcohol, sugar, binge eating, smoking, porn and procrastination.

As a result I have lost 70 pounds, found a girlfriend, quit all medication and I wake up with a smile on my face.

Here is the method:

1) Meet your Addiction Voice (AV)

You bad habit or addiction has it’s own voice, the AV.

The AV wants you to give in to your cravings, and works by hijacking your inner monologue.

It will say things in your own voice like “Why don’t you just smoke one more time, it won’t do any harm!” or “You need to smoke, or you will get grumpy and damage your relationships.”

The truth is:

Everything the AV says is a lie to get you to give in to your bad habit.

2) Learn to recognise your AV

Your AV can be brought to light by making The Law.

The Law is unbreakable, and doesn’t require any willpower to follow.

Does it require willpower for you not to steal a car or rob a bank?


The Law cannot be broken at any point.

Write down your law if it helps, but the most important part is defining it.

E.g. “I will never smoke again”.

But how can this help you recognise your AV?

Because any thought that pops in your head that contradicts the law is the AV, not you.

3) Create an AV Avatar

Assign an avatar to your AV.

For example, my smoking AV was an old, ugly man who chain smoked and had cancer.

Whenever I’d hear him say “Go on, just have a quick one, it can’t hurt!” I’d say “Screw you old man” and give him the finger.

This also helps with cravings.

Cravings aren’t really happening to you, they are happening to your AV avatar.

Your AV Avatar wants to give in, not you!

Without you giving in, they will disappear and die!

Your true self is already free of this addiction, so the cravings aren’t happening to you, they are happening to your AV.

Extra tips:

Now go out there and kick your AV’s ass and say goodbye to your bad habit!


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