The Daily Man-Up: School Bully

March 13, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Man-Up


"Last Friday was the final straw. Bully was blocking my cousin from getting on the bus. There is a video of my cousin repeatedly telling bully to move.

Bully then pushed my cousin with enough force he trips. As my cousin tries to get up bully kicks my cousin in the stomach and punches him in the face when he tries to get up again.

That was the last of it. My cousin rushed his bully and proceeded to beat the living crap out of him.

SRO pulled my cousin off the bully and both are brought to the principle. Parents are called.

According to my uncle the other kid’s parents are demanding my cousin be expelled, even after seeing the video of my cousin being kicked and punched on the ground.

My uncle compared them to Harry Potter’s aunt and uncle.

Principle announces both students will receive a three day suspension. My uncle makes it clear he will not be punishing my cousin and the three days will be leisure days.

This pisses off the bully’s parents even more. They tell my uncle if my cousin goes near their son again they will sue him. My uncle tells them if their son goes after my cousin he’ll just get his ass kicked again and to leave them alone.

Anyway, I just talked to my uncle and he asked me to take my cousin out for a day of fun this Wednesday (the last day of his suspension). I’m going to take him go karting and to see a movie.

He defended himself and I’m proud of him."


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