The Daily Man-Up: Hell Week

March 14, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Man-Up

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david goggins hell week

Good luck to Class 335 starting Hell Week tomorrow. Men don’t get many chances to show their grit! U need to pray for bad weather, the coldest water & a broken fucking body! U should want the worst-case scenario in everything to do with Hell Week! Pray for it to be so hard that only ur fucking boat crew makes it all the way through! They make it through becuz u lead those mf’ers through the worst HW ever! U have to become the devil to get through Hell! This shit is about ur fucking mindset! If u are hoping for the best-case scenario in HW, u are not ready! Know that no mf’er can endure what u can- not becuz u are cocky rather becuz u have trained harder than any mf’er alive! U might think this is a fucking motivational speech…well, it’s not! This is my mentality before I go into any fucking war! HW is not for the weak! It’s for that mf’er looking for the beginning of his soul! U want to see where most people’s desire & will ends & urs begins! Be the man who smiles when everyone is in pain & miserable w/ their heads hanging! Not a friendly smile but 1 that says, “you think this fucking shit can hurt me?!” This is ur time to start creating the man u want to be! U can’t make that man in a soft fucking environment! U must be willing to suffer more than any other! Not becuz u have to but because u want to! Many people are looking for hard shit to prove themselves but once the hard shit becomes reality, it is too much to bear. Be on the lookout for The Look! U will know it once u see it. It looks like their soul is leaving their body. It happens during deep suffering when a person can no longer handle the mental pain & suffering of what they THOUGHT they could do. After you see The Look, quitting is very near. My ? to u is this…What the fuck are u going to do when ur balls are in ur stomach from the cold? when ur body is broke as fuck & u have 50 hours left? when ur boat crew starts to quit and u feel alone? when it won’t stop raining and u can’t get warm? I don’t know what you’re going to do but u asked me for my advice so here’s what the fuck I did….I prayed to God to even make it worse! Mindset: go to war with yourself!

David Goggins, Class 235


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