This Is Worth A Revisit: Modern Day Sexual Slavery Explained

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charlie chaplain

A girl will be on a cruise ship or on tour package. Slavers will pay a good looking, smooth talking, polite, clean cut guy to basically be what is termed a “barker” or a “steer”.

They’ll pick out a set of girls, and they’ll work them. Find out how trusting, how naive, how street smart, how connected they are, how much money they’re worth, what is their families financial situations, how eager is this person to please someone else(ie easy to acquiesce).

Out of that pool of girls, they may pick one. They may wait.

If they pick one, they’ll work that girl, and try to seduce her or at least get her where they can talk alone and offer her a drink- they need to do this in the day or days leading up to a port of call. They’ll spike a drink with midazolam or another benzodiazapine or sedative- barbiturates are still commonly available offshore- so sometimes they’ll use those.

Another guy will come in here, he’s also on the boat. He’s someone in either security, maintenance, or planning. He takes the girl, who will be closed to passed out or even passed out. He gets her off ship and hands her off to slaver’s enforcer. The enforcer decides if he wants to buy her- based on her looks, based on the information the steer picked up, etc. The more easy to make her disappear and if she is good looking- they’ll pay anywhere from $400 for a girl all the way to $10,000. It gets split between the steer and the inside man.

If she is too high risk(has money, connections, something worries the enforcer)- they’ll give her back to the inside man and the inside man will kill her and get rid of her body. Some operations, it is expected that if the enforcer rejects a girl, he helps in getting rid of her. In addition to being a serial killer, Joran Vander Sloot was basically alternating between being a steer and being the “inside” guy- the hand off guy. I’m just giving you a frame of reference example.

From there, the enforcer is going to take a girl out in the country or to somewhere in a ghetto/shantytown/favilla. The girl will be threatened, she will be beaten, yelled at, and she will be raped. This is referred to as training. Other men, multiple men will rape her. This is her training.

She will then be given or forcibly administered sedatives, opiates, and either amphetamines or cocaine.

The boss of the operation will pick her up from the enforcer, and he will take her, get her clothes, and treat her better than the enforcer. He will reiterate what the enforcer has been telling her: if you run, you’ll be gang raped, tortured, and we’ll kill your family, and then finally we’ll kill you after the worst things that can happen to a person happen to you.

The boss- the pimp- will get a makeover, and he’ll alternate between being the good cop and the bad cop. He’ll take her to a club, he’ll party with her.

And then, he will take her and the other girls he owns with a chaperone(a less threatening enforcer) and the enforcer from before. They’ll hit casinos, hotels, bars, night clubs. They’ll take them out in vans even, and then when the girl is through with a trick she calls her chaperone and they’ll come get her. She’ll work all through the night. She gets nothing but food, drugs, and shelter. If she complains, talks to the wrong person, etc- she will be beaten, tortured, threatened, maybe “retrained”.

If she is difficult, if she gets an obvious STD that is expensive or difficult to treat, if she isn’t submissive to the johns, if she isn’t a money maker- they will sell her to a street pimp. The street pimp doesn’t care about her looks, he’ll beat her to a bloody pulp but she’s going to be bringing in money- be it $5 or $20 or $50. This is even worse because she’s basically got no time left. When a street pimp can’t sell her to another street pimp anymore, she’ll get a hotshot and they’ll dump her body.

If she is a successful girl, she’ll stay with the slaver-pimp, his den mother(usually a girl who snitched on other girls, took to the life and liked it, and was unusually loyal to the slaver pimp), and the chaperone and the enforcer.

They will hit major cities, and they’ll stay for a while. They’ll try those locations mentioned before. If that doesn’t pan out or business is slow in the hotels, clubs, bars- they’ll go to the Internet. Sites like EROS, Backpage, Puntersites, the now dead, the still alive TER, the still alive BigDoggie- they’ll post a couple flattering pictures, a description(vague) of what the girl is willing to do, and a number for the pimp’s chaperone or den mother- one of the two will act as the “booker”.

When they’ve been in one city a while, they leave, and they go on a circuit.

The idiot cops and naive but well meaning people on here referred to unexplained but reliable siting in Frisco.

Well, no shit… A girl will either get sold to a US based operator, or some of the slavers will feel some heat and they’ll head to New York or Florida or California.

They’ll bring the girls, the den mother, the enforcer, and the chaperone. They’ll arrange accommodations in whatever city they land in and they’ll negotiate with other slaver-pimps. They’ll trade and sell girls, some slaver-pimps will intrude on someone’s territory and his whole crew will get wiped out and forcibly disappeared. The girls will be integrated into the dominate slaver-pimp’s stable.

Either way, either with the slaver who first bought her or her new owner, they hit the circuit. They go from city to city and set up shop. They may stay a month or they may stay a week. The ones who stay a month or two will typically hit up the casinos, hotels, bars, clubs, etc, and at the same time, they’re being advertised on Backpage or those other sites. Backpage and Internet advertising is now heavily watched by cops and feds- they want low risk arrests that play well in the media or they want to get the slavers as snitches on CCE/RICO cases that involve drugs/guns and transnational gangs- MS13, Florencia 13, 18th Street, black gangs etc. Most of the time, the government knows full well about the slavery, but they turn a blind eye because a slaver-pimp is connected to so much shit that they are excellent sources of information and they’re great snitches because they have no scruples at all and they’ll sell anyone for anything to protect themselves.

If you don’t believe me about girls working a circuit, go on Backpage and pick out a girl’s number in a major city. Google that number, you’ll see all her backpage ads come up, possibly reviews of her services, other info and places where she’s advertised. Often times you’ll notice that number is associated with numerous girls, and the girls are in all different cities.

Girls who are really good looking and good money makers will hit the Internet escort scene where they can charge $150+ per hour, sometimes up to $400 an hour- and these are girls who advertise on Backpage. If they get sold to a major metro agency or major metro pimp, that pimp is usually connected as a snitch with LE and he’ll take and cater powerful people- prosecutors, governors, politicians, lawyers. A girl in an established upscale metro agency can earn $1000-$5000 an hour for a slaver-pimp.

The girls that tour, will hit the major interstates and they’ll go north-south on each coast and then hit the interstates to go east-west and go north-south in the mid-west and south-west to the major hub cities where prostitution thrives.

Agaiin, along the way, they may die, change hands through violence, or just be sold. Sometimes a girl will get away.

After they make a circuit, they’ll head back to the islands- they’ll work tourist areas and places the cruise ships and travel destination packages. They come back to the United States and do again. They’ll continue on for years, escape sometimes- temporarily or for good, get sold to lower and lower rungs of prostitution, and they’ll either die of poor health or be murdered when they’re no longer bringing in money.

(The disappearance of Amy Bradley was she sold into sex slavery?)

A lot of girls go missing in the US, the Islands, and all over Europe. Those that don’t end up in sexual slavery in those areas, or don’t end up dead- will be sold to high end brothels in Arab countries and in China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore. These girls will usually be sold to one person and they end up dead within 5-10 years. The others will living 1-10 years in sexual slavery and die of suicide, AIDS, or drug related conditions.

The way women are treated in the Middle East and Asia, those girls, I don’t like to think about it.

LE knows this shit goes on, but it isn’t tied heavily to property seizure, so it’s low value for that reason, and slaver-pimps are great snitches, so LE turns a blind eye as long as they get valuable intel. They don’t want to admit it happens, because it makes LE look bad, but if you search enough, you’ll find where they do make the busts- either the pimp had no value or they decided to offer him up to keep up appearances, or he did something so bad and so blatant they could no longer protect him.

It’s girls and women of all ages, children of both sexes are traded in.

The people who can afford to buy and use another human being are people who have money who have power and they protect the secrecy around the business. Slavery in this day in age is just like the mafia was for LE and society pre-Kefauver Committee- “there is no organized crime”.

Then when coyotes were running wild bringing immigrants, there were no immigrant gangs- that was just ignorant racist speculation, up until 18th St, MS-13, F13, their Sureno cousins, and their Norteno farmero rivals became undeniable, and suddenly mid-90’s there was the admission of immigrant gangs.

Going back to the 20’s, every decade up to now, there have been multi-year series of child sexual assaults and murders- Chicago(first in the 40’s and then in the 70’s- Gacy wasn’t entirely lying when he said that all the murders weren’t known and that he wasn’t the principal in all the murders), the Babes in the Wood Murders of Maryland and Pennsylvania, the Atlanta Child Murders, and others.

I believe Wayne Williams was involved in some or most of the Atlanta Child Murders- but I believe he was barker- acting as a “talent scout” as his cover, he was a scout all right- but a scout for sexual predators.

Police know terrible things go on, but if a person can roll over and provide information on some other crime that is less politically damaging- cops will make a deal with the devil and turn a blind eye. The really corrupt cops will see an innocent man like Jeffrey MacDonald spend his life behind bars, so they can continue with graft and not have decades of dirty laundry aired.

I’ve spoken to girls who got out. I was in a position once where I was asked to drive for a girl who was an independent escort- she was a friend of mine, she made no judgement about my lifestyle and I made none about hers- so we were friends. I wanted nothing to do with being a driver(transporter, collection agent, and body guard for an escort). She had been abducted into a ring when she was 17. She got away when her slaver-pimp crossed a group of old school Crip affiliated gangsters. They were into moving dope, not whores, so they told the girls to get lost. She spent 7 years and 8 months as a sexual slave. She became hardened to the life and she kept on as independent escort because it was a business she knew.


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