The Daily Man-Up: To Settle Is To Suffer

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To settle is to suffer.

Are you trying to drive your happiness and fulfillment into the ground?

The comfort and security of a job you hate will send you straight to that point. The despair of your job may open the way to the instant gratification pleasures of modern society (alcohol, drugs, porn, food, tv binging…) causing you to be numb.

You were put into this world for a reason. You have a unique combination of talents and gifts that no other person has, or has ever had.

To withhold those gifts from the world is to slam the door on your own success and throw away the key.

He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how. – Friedrich Nietzsche

You will never regret going after your dream job or business – no matter how it turns out. But you will unquestionably regret passing up the opportunity later in life.

When you’re lying on your deathbed, you won’t regret the times you tried and failed – or the adventures and invaluable life lessons you had along the way. Instead, you will regret all the times you could have tried, but cautiously chose to back down from the challenge.

Every time you choose comfort over a challenge, you’re choosing to live in a world of “what ifs” and “could have beens.”

It’s time to start rising to challenges and facing them head on. It’s time to stop surviving and start conquering. It’s time to stop getting trampled day after day, and start grabbing life by the horns!

The world has been waiting for you to show us who you are. 

That doesn’t mean your life will be all successes from now on. In fact, one of the core aspects of being a man is accepting that success and failure come and go like a roller coaster – but  none of these ups and downs define your worth as a man.

You are not entitled to the outcome but only to the effort itself.

All that matters in the end is who you are, and how authentically you lived.

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