Heroin Junkie Reveals The Schemes He Used To Support His Daily Habit

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heroin junkie

I’ve been addicted to opiates for about 6 years but for the past 3 years I was an IV heroin and meth addict and I got high everyday, and when I say everyday I mean everyday. (I also went to a methadone clinic) For the first year I had a good job and was able to afford it but I eventually lost my job which led me to doing all kinds of things to make money , and many I’m not proud of…I know I’m a shitty person for doing these things , and I know its wrong…I’m 5 months clean off heroin and meth so I no longer do this stuff, but I just want to tell my story on how I mostly supported my habit , some may find it interesting .

Every so often my mom would give me a little money here and there, but definitely not enough to support the habit I had , so I had to come up with ways to make it myself . The most easiest way I made money, and what I did the most , was simply driving my best friend around . I dated this girl about 6 years ago , but we figured out we were better just as friends, and we both got strung out on drugs together . She was the first person I injected drugs with . I’m 21 and she’s 28.

As we got bad off in our addiction she became a prostitute…she lived with her father in the ghetto and had 2 kids . During the day from when they got out of school and until they went to bed around 9pm she was usually at home with them, but from 9pm Until 7:00 am when they had to catch the bus, is when she worked .

I would take her on outcalls all night long , and the deal was , we keep gas in the car , keep cigarettes, and the rest goes on heroin and we split it 50/50 . She didn’t do meth , just heroin . She charged 160$ an hour , 120 for a half hour , or 80 for a q.v. 95% of the calls were q.v’s.

A q.v. stands for “quick view” and it basically means , just long enough to make the guy cum, so in most cases a q.v. only ranged from 5-15 minutes no longer. For us, it was the best deal because she could knock them out really fast , and we could get a half gram of heroin for 80$ and that was enough to start us out for the night .

If we didn’t have dope you could talk her down to 60$ for a q.v. and if we were dopesick she would do it for 40$, but that was rare…it’s definitely happened a few times , but only if we were desperate . We always mixed all the heroin up together and split it between two syringes . She usually got anywhere from 3-10 calls a night . 3 would be a slow night and 6 would be an average night , and 10+ would be a good night. Most nights we would make around 200 being the lowest, 400-600 being normal, and 1000+ being a good night . We’ve made $2000 a few nights , but that was very rare . Luckily we never had any trouble with the police, did have alot of sketchy dealings though .

I never went dope sick when I was rolling with her , we might of woke up dope sick , but it didnt stay that way for long . For some reason , people don’t do much during the day time , it would be pretty rare for her to go on a call during the day time , it was mostly always from 2am-5am. Some days she wouldn’t have good luck and we’d have to do other things .

There’s been many occasions where we would wake up sick , and have no money or anything . In those cases, I would drive my car from gas station to gas station and ask people for “gas money”. I was very good at talking to people , and selling my story…of course not everyone gives you money , but for the most part , I was always able to get what I needed . Out of all my friends , I was the best at doing this , because I’m pretty quick on my feet , I’m able to look people right in the eye and tell them a 100% bullshit story ,not stutter one word, and make them believe it…

I mostly sold the same story everytime…”I’m almost out of gas , left debit card at home , do you have 1 or 2 dollars I could have for gas , or even any change…I’m just trying to make it home, anything counts.” There’s small things you can do to ‘sell your story’ like look for change in your car while your talking to them, carry a gas jug etc. Depending on the person , the story would vary , but to make it short that’s it . I could always make 40$ in 2 hours max , but most of the time within 1 hour . That’s all we ever needed, was just 40.

If I didn’t feel like begging , (because it’s degrading), and somedays I just wasn’t up for it , I would go to Walmart . My golden rule was to never walk out with something you didn’t pay for…as long as you paid something. There is a box of vitamins in Walmart that are 34$ for one box , and there is another kind that’s the same brand name for 4$. I would peal the barcode off of the 4$ box and place it over the top of the 34$ box barcode and go to the self checkout . Hell sometimes I would go to a regular checkout…I’ve never been caught doing this.

You can return anything to Walmart without a receipt, but you must have an ID…you can get a cash refund for any item under 40$ and anything over 40$ you will get a gift card . I would buy a box for 4$ and take it to another Walmart and return it for 32$ as long as somebody had their ID…you can only do it 3x a month, but I always got a friend or somebody to return it .

If you have a receipt you don’t need an ID, so when I didn’t have an ID I would find a receipt for something around 30$ in the parking lot , go in and put a cheap barcode over the top of the items barcode, buy whatever it was for around 3$-5$ and return it with the receipt and get cash back .

If I needed a bunch of money , I would go to the fishing pole section , and get a 100$ fishing pole , and peel the barcode off of a 15$ pole , and put it over the 100$ poles barcode . Return the pole at another Walmart and get a 100$ gift card , and then go to the Walmart gas pumps , and find somebody that would pay me cash to pump their gas for them . It’s kind of lengthy , but I could earn a couple hundred bucks a day doing that .

It sounds goofy replacing the barcode , but it’s just wayy easier to get caught actually stealing something , than it is to “buy” it . I’ve done this hundreds of times and never have been caught once, but you can’t be obvious about it , and you have to be slick , or you will get caught.

We ate fast food everyday and 75% of the time we didn’t pay for it . I’d call and tell a restaurant I came last week and got such and such , and was missing one burger , and that I was coming for a replacement . I’d always tell them that I called back that same day , and talked to somebody and they wrote my name down…give them a fake name . You can only ask for one burger though…if you get greedy it won’t work.

The trick is , you have to be confident , and talk to them like it really happened…you can’t be sketchy , or iffy about it , you just have to be able to talk fast , and make them actually believe it…I was great at this…it would work 7/10 times…every time we did pay for food , we kept the receipt , so when we called and fed them the story , we could actually have a receipt and then it would definitely work. We survived off of this .

Of course we pawned all of our stuff of any value , and did a lot of middle manning , but these are just a few stories of some of our schemes that people don’t usually hear about .

I know all this is shady stuff , and I’m ashamed of it…and I know it’s wrong , but desperate times call for desperate measures…a hard drug addiction will make you do some terrible things , you’d never do in your right mind…there’s no need to comment on here and tell me I’m a piece of shit lowlife junkie , because I already know that…

I just figured a lot of people would be curious how a lot of junkies are able to make money on the streets for drugs without a job , and this is how a lot of them make it…a lot of people I know and hang around with do these same things …most of my friends like robbing houses and stealing, and robbing people for drugs, but I never liked taking things from somebody…a multi-million dollar corporation? Yeah I don’t care , but as far as breaking in a persons house and taking all their stuff, and robbing people for their dope Nah…

I’ve been ripped off before , and I’ve worked a hard labor job for almost 4 years so I know how it is to work hard for something and then have it stolen from you , and it’s the worst feeling ….I don’t do shit like that…I could easily make more money by breaking in houses and cars and robbing people for dope , or “robbing tricks” which is what a lot of prostitutes do , but I just wasn’t okay with doing that…Hope y’all enjoy.

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