The Daily Man-Up: Kaizen – The Japanese Approach To Achieving Your Biggest Goals

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In Japanese culture there exists the practice of Kaizen, which includes the idea of the ’one-minute principle’ for self-improvement. At the heart of this method is the idea that a person should practice doing something for a single minute, every day at the same time. Clearly, it shouldn’t be any trouble for absolutely anyone — even the laziest person — to carry out a given task for such a small amount of time. This is extremely important because anyone can do it for just one minute a day. In the western culture, the majority will think that this technique is ineffective and many are doubtful because they believe that people can only achieve success through pouring in enormous effort and time.

On the contrary, when you try to pour in tremendous effort and put in a huge chunk of your time into doing something, it will exhaust you and makes you burnout. This is definitely not a good way to start any project or goal.

Besides that, when you apply this technique, you will need to break down your goals into smaller chunks of actionable steps because the technique requires you to work on it for just one minute.

Kaizen technique turns your big audacious goals into smaller actionable steps that you can do each day. More importantly, this principle allows you to see your progress. You will know if you are following through or you are falling behind.

And for most people, acting on their goals for just one minute a day will not be an issue at all. No matter what you are trying to accomplish, be it push-ups, writing an article or reading a book, start by doing it for just one minute.

When you do it for one minute, you will see your progress, you will experience a sense of victory and success, and this will motivate you to move forward.

From one minute of action becoming five minutes. And from five minutes of actions evolving into 15 minutes and then more.

The key is to start small and grow. Most people try to tackle their goals and do everything all at once, and this is what causes them to fail.

Anyone can achieve their goals, live their dreams and accomplish what they want in life. First, you must understand what it is that you want to achieve. And then do it for just one minute a day. Practice the principle of Kaizen and start small.

When you do it for just one minute a day, it will take you no energy and it does not require much of your motivation, and anyone can do it if it is just for a minute. Plus, you will be able to see yourself making the progress and start seeing small victories. This will boost your motivation and encourage you to go forward even more.

Furthermore, this one-minute technique helps you develop the right habit that you need to achieve success in life. As what Lao Tzu said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Therefore, apply the Kaizen technique into every area of your life and see how it can help you overcome laziness and change your life forever.


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