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Where do sexual fetishes come from and why do we have them?

As long as we’re properly separating out “fetish” (a trigger needed to experience sexual pleasure) from “sexual orientation” (who or what we are sexually attracted to), it’s largely psychological, based on early connections between sexual pleasure and a specific thing or experience.

One sociology professor of mine told a story of a man he had once counseled who had a doorknob fetish. He was unable to experience any sexual pleasure without holding onto a doorknob, and he kept boxes of them under his bed which, needless to say, was causing some friction in his marriage. Tracing it back, they realized that growing up, he’d had to masturbate in secret or risk being severely punished by his overly religious mother. Gripping tight to the doorknob to keep his mother from unexpectedly entering while he masturbated formed a lasting association that took decades to unravel.



Does 911 know how to respond if you’re held at gunpoint and you talk to them like you’re taking to someone else?

911 operators are trained that if they don’t get a normal response to their answer, that the person on the other end may very well be in some kind of trouble. This scenario is actually quite common when it comes to domestic violence incidences, where the wife makes some excuse to use the phone like ordering a pizza during the incident, but smartly instead is actually calling 911. They will dispatch an officer and tell them what they know, which is that they got a 911 hangup from whatever address the number is connected to, or if a cellphone, from the approximate area. Dispatch will also note anything they heard in the background on the chance it gives a clue to what’s going on.

And if you’re still able to stay on the line, Dispatch will start asking questions where you’d be able to at least give a hint of what’s going on. If you’re getting hurt but you pretend to order a pizza, Dispatch might say something like “If there’s a weapon involved, say ‘large pepperoni'”.

Also if the person calls 911 but hangs up immediately you’ll get the police to come out for that.



My brother died in a power line accident, did it hurt?

Two things about electricity: it travels at almost the speed of light, and communication from the body to the brain is done with electricity. When he was electrocuted, his brain was overwhelmed by an electrical response from the power line that was much stronger than the body can emit to tell the brain it is feeling pain. Such a high voltage striking a person would disrupt these systems permanently, at least until he died. He was likely brain dead seconds after being electrocuted. Which means he felt no pain despite burning as he would have died from the electricity far before the fire killed him. People aren’t just saying it was instant to make you feel better, it really was.



Do children in Saudi Arabian shopping malls get lost a lot because their mothers wear niqabs and they end up following a different woman?

So i grew up in Saudi Arabia and as a kid you just get used to a certain other cues about your mom and sisters like height and gait even. On top of that not all abayas are EXACTLY same there are subtle differences that make them unique too like hems, styles of scarfs and head coverings. In fact there are certain subtle styles that can tell you which arab country the abaya clad lady belongs to. Its the same with the men, small differences in the way the white robes are lined and the colors and patterns of the headgear are designed tell you which arab country they represent. Personally identified my mom by her glasses. And my sisters, based on the the design of thier abayas.



What is stopping an overly obese person, big enough to cover the opening of a hockey goal, from being a professional hockey goalie?

The accuracy of the shooters is better than size alone:



Why don’t car companies ever make a throwback model, wouldn’t an exact remake of say a 69 Corvette sell really well?

It would not be possible to make an exact stylistic remake that meets modern safety and emissions standards. Just as one example: the “A” pillar is the name for the piece of metal that frames the windshield and attaches to the roof; here’s a picture showing the various roof pillars.

About ten or fifteen years ago, the people who do safety testing on cars (IIHS, NHTSA) noticed that rollover accidents tended to result in more deaths and serious injuries. They found that this was happening because car roofs tended to deform and collapse in rollovers, smashing directly into the heads of the passengers. So, they came up with a standard for how strong a roof has to be, and implemented crash tests to evaluate this. Automakers realized pretty quickly that one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make a roof stronger is to make the “A” pillar a lot thicker. And that’s why modern cars have such thick “A” pillars compared to older cars.

If you want to drive a car that looks old but has modern features, there is hope: some people will restore old cars and replace the original parts with modern ones. This process is called resto-modding. Generally, people perform resto-modding with an eye to improving performance: using modern powertrains, modern suspensions, modern brakes, etc. A resto-modded classic car probably won’t do any better in an actual crash, but your ability to avoid getting into a crash in the first place would be greatly improved vs. the original, un-modified car.



What is ‘gaslighting’?

Gaslighting are lies told with the specific intent to make the other person question their sanity/reality.

A good example of gaslighting is when your husband comes home late from work for the 10th time in a row. You ask him why he keeps coming home late. “What?” He says, in shock. “I haven’t been coming home late! Are you sure you aren’t just losing track of time?” And you doubt yourself. The next day it happens again, but you checked the time. “You’re late!” And he said “what? No I’m not. I always come home at this time.” And you try to argue that it’s only been the last ten or even times he shows up at this time, he insists that you must have been confused, maybe in the past he got off work early once but he definitely always just comes home at this time

You wonder if you’re really that unobservant. Honestly that is so like you to be kinda airheaded. You’re not too smart, or you’d know for sure what time he gets home, like the fact that you doubt it is not a good sign, he seems pretty sure that he always got home at this time. You shrug. You move on. He goes on screwing the secretary. Some day you find a pair of underwear in your laundry and it’s not yours. You ask him about it. He says he got you those two years ago for your anniversary, what the fuck, why don’t you remember? You apologize because you feel bad for being inconsiderate, forgetting something that mattered to him. You wear the women’s underwear to dinner as a make-up surprise.

It’s beyond simple lying, it’s lying that makes you doubt your reality and makes you docile, easy to control because you no longer trust which way is up, you have to depend on them to tell you which way is up.



Why is restaurant food vastly more calorie dense than preparing food at home? Even at restaurants where they cook everything fresh, the calorie count is insane

In restaurants they don’t care about calories. They want their food to taste good, so more people come. That’s why they use more fat (and sugar) as you would at home.

Anthony Bourdain did a Christmas special with Queens of the Stone Age a few years ago. In one scene he’s cooking carrots and says, “This is why you like vegetables in restaurants but not at home” then proceeded to put ungodly amounts of butter and sugar in the pan.



What do people get out of BDSM (Bondage/Sadomasochism?

For myself, it is about control. It is a challenge to my every day life. I work three jobs, I go to school full time, I am responsible for so much and have to make every decision. Pretty much I feel as if I am in charge of everything. At the end of the day, I don’t want to think anymore. I discovered shibari last year, which is a style of rope bondage. It was love at first sight. The act of submitting, being told what to do, being restricted in my movements…it feels so wonderful. It’s almost like erotic meditation. I can let my mind forget the day, almost let it go blank. I focus on breathing, balance, and letting go. I have discovered through shibari that I enjoy giving control to someone else, (a very trusted and caring someone else), and I have found out things that I didn’t know about myself. For example, pain can feel good. Being spanked, having pressure put on my neck (with hands, never rope), having my hair pulled, having hot wax poured…these are extremely pleasurable. Being tied up, put in very vulnerable positions, being exposed, it is a release of control and it just feels good to some people who have to be in control all the frigging time.



Would you be able to survive a bit longer by eating yourself when you would starve?


the reason is that the body automatically consume your muscle tissue as an energy source when no other nutrition has been acquired. that basically means that your muscles(meat) are automatically consumed by the body when starving, as a last resort energy source.

but if instead of that you cut off and ingested your own body parts you would only waste energy by digestion and the trauma of losing a limb. so, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to ever eat any of your body parts, even when starving.



Why do murderers often find it difficult to dispose of murder weapons?

We only hear about murderers that get caught. Plenty of them know how to hide things, and we’ll never hear about them precisely because they do not get caught.



Why are most/all sniper rifles bolt action? Why can’t they use a semi-automatic mechanism like most other weapons?

The bolt action rifle would minimize extraneous movement that might alter the trajectory of the bullet. Remember that even small fractions of a degree might be the difference between a hit and a miss, so it’s important to keep everything as still as possible. In a semi-automatic mechanism, the movement of the gun as it works to reload a bullet may very well knock your shot off far enough that it would cause a problem. Nothing moves in a bolt action mechanism until you’re reloading.


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