The Daily Man-Up: Time, Distance And Life Will Separate You And Your Best Friends

March 28, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Advice

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You will grow apart from almost all of your friends by the time you hit 30 because that’s just the way life is – people change.

Of course you’ll have the occasional hang out typically during the holidays when someone gathers the courage to call and set up a get together but it won’t be the same.

You might be thinking “oh not me and my boys, we’re so tight!” I thought the same thing too with friends that I spent every waking hour with growing up in high school and college.

People live their own lives as they should.

They get new jobs…

Move to another city or state…

Enter new relationships…

Change the way they view the world…

Start families…

And even die…

On the flip side, you’ll make new friends that are more aligned with where you’re headed on your journey.

It’s nothing personal but more of an acceptance that relationships serve their purpose for that moment in your life

Relationships aren’t meant to last until the end of time. And if you try to force it could be stunting your personal growth.

If they do last great. But accept now that most won’t.

Relationships are really just two or more people coming together for a period of time. And when that time is over, people find a new crowd that serves them for where they are going next.

The problem is when people force friendships to stick. Usually out of scarcity when they have clearly outgrown their social circle but don’t make any changes.

If you find yourself having to force yourself to hang out with your existing friends, it’s likely that your values have changed. It’s time to move forward and find a new group of friends more aligned with who you are and where you want to go.

Don’t get overly attached to any one person or social group and understand that this too shall pass and it’s all temporary – no matter how great it is today.

Enjoy it while it is here and trust that you will be able to recreate connections like these again.

If you do find a few really long-lasting relationships, then congratulations, you’ve truly found people who are on your journey with you. Cherish them.

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