Life Isn’t All Sunshine And Rainbows

April 2, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Morbid

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Found attached to a balloon. A note somebody wrote to their dead son.


Ruth Snyder was executed in 1928 for the murder of her husband. A photojournalist snuck a camera in on his ankle and caught this picture, mid-execution

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The 178 year old preserved head of Portuguese serial killer Diogo Alves (1810-1841)

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Nipsey Hussle Shooting Captured on Surveillance Video


LAPD names the suspected killer of Nipsey Hussle

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Meanwhile in Syria

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Jeremiah Denton was taken prisoner in Vietnam and had to take part in a propaganda ad campaign, he blinked in Morse code T-O-R-T-U-R-E to alert the world


Christian parents who ‘let their 10-month-old girl die of malnutrition and dehydration after refusing to get help for religious reasons’ react in horror as the judge reads out their murder charge


A man guards his family from the cannibals during The Madras famine of 1877 at the time of British Raj, India


John Jones, A medical student who was trapped in the Nutty Putty cave while spelunking in 2009. Rescue attempts were unsuccessful and the cave entrance was eventually sealed with concrete. John’s body is still there today


The heart of a person who committed suicide via hanging. The coronary arteries are an electric blue due to lack of oxygen and excess carbon dioxide in the blood during the asphyxiation.

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Owner doesnt need her dog anymore but a new puppy is fine


A college student got into a car she thought was her Uber, police say. She was found dead in a field



Illinois state trooper killed after being hit by wrong-way driver

This man sacrificed his life for my daughter’s last night.

Brooke was on her way home from DC when this wrong way driver came at them. They were directly behind the trooper and saw the whole crash. The trooper swerved into the wrong way driver’s car to keep him from killing the people behind him, including Brooke.

Hug your kids a little closer as you never know what fate has up it’s sleeve. Thank you Trooper Ellis for allowing my little girl and her friends to come home. A brother in blue I never met, you will always be in our thoughts. You are a true hero!! Lots of emotions today… Terrible sadness fighting incredible thankfulness in our minds


April 1, 1996, during a live broadcast, umpire John McSherry, suffers massive heart attack and dies on the field


The Most Prolific Serial Killer in Every State

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