8 Guys Reveal What It’s Like To Be Good Looking

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1. Everyone thinks I’m funny. People are always sneaking glances at me. Cashiers and waitresses and people like that are way nicer. People respect me when I haven’t given them a reason to. Women make excuse after excuse regarding why they fucked me on the first or second date and how they never do that. Thanks to dating apps, I can reliably get laid by Friday if I work on it starting Monday that week (though I am now dating).

But the biggest difference is just general day to day life and its impossible to describe. I used to be ridiculously ugly so I know the other side of the tracks. There is something unquantifiable – but everyone treats you differently. Everyone. Your parents will treat you differently. Your coaches, teachers, men, women. They probably don’t realize it but they definitely do.



2. On an everyday basis it’s easy to talk to strangers. Getting checked out by woman really does make me feel great, the more attractive the woman the better. When I’m nice to people it’s almost always reciprocated.

I’m a scientist and professionally it can be less stellar. I’m also pretty friendly and people often assume I am less intelligent. That can be a hurdle to get over for some people. In general people can be far more critical of my work or combative, often needlessly. This is especially true of around half of the women in my field and other men have noticed the same thing. As a result I get along much better with men and the other half of the women (who are great).

Socially it can be very difficult to remain friends wth single women. I’ve been with the same women for a third of my life. There has only been her (she’s freeking great). So I’ve had several relationships with women go sour when I’m not interested, or I don’t reciprocate feelings, or seemingly randomly.



3. I use to be unattractive a few years ago. Worked out, learned how to dress, became more social, have my own company, and get told quite a bit I’m cute,

I wanna make one thing very, very clear. Any guy can become more attractive with some work. – workout – dress well – smile – be passionate about things in life

Looks do matter to girls, but not as much as it does to guys. Just dont expect your girl to be a 9 when you look like a 4, when u could easily be a 7 with some effort.v

Just kinda irks me when a guy says he’s forever alone but he’s 300lbs and stays at home all day surfing reddit and watching porn.



4. People are very trusting of you. I get asked for directions a lot on the street – far more than anyone I know. I live in Manhattan – but i’m talking 3 separate groups of women in 1 block. It’s almost silly sometimes, as if i’m famous.

People believe what you tell them, which is part of the reason I’ve been so successful in business. The flip side of that is you begin to believe that whatever you say is true. Then someone who doesn’t care that you are handsome ends up thinking you are just some arrogant cock bag.

Women hit on me all the time. For all their tough talk about how men are so weak, women are unbelievably arrogant around a hot guy. My wife and kids could be right next to me and they’ll still flirt with me. Very strange.

Tying into that last one, I get a lot of inappropriate advances too. I guess because there are proportionally fewer ‘hot’ guys around, women feel like the sexual harassment rules don’t apply. At work this can become awkward. When I was a teen/early 20’s I didn’t know how to handle this gracefully and so became a bit of a dick in these situations.

You tend to get invited places. Parties/events/friends etc – people just want to have you around a lot. This becomes very difficult to handle – and is one of the main reasons I don’t go out too much. With too many invites you must choose between friends, and that sucks. Those who you choose like you, and those who you overlook assume you look down on them. You cannot win.

Men have a 50/50 reaction to me – either they love me or hate me. It’s very easy to tell which guys are self confident and which are self conscious.



5. I have been told that I am attractive (I have a very beautiful wife, if that is any proof) and I am also very tall (6’5, I stand out in a crowd) so perhaps I have a little insight.

Remember the episode of 30 Rock with John Hamm as Liz Lemon’s boyfriend? He basically did whatever he wanted to do and nobody ever told him he was wrong; they just agreed and gave him whatever he wanted. It’s a little like that; people don’t obey my every command, but they are more accommodating. For example, if I make a suggestion to a group and someone who is considered unattractive also makes a suggestion I can almost guarantee that people will go along with my suggestion, even if it isn’t the best one.

One more thing: I catch people looking at me all the time. Women (and some men) will crane their necks or turnaround to look at me. Sometimes it’s a little flattering, most of the time it’s somewhat creepy.



6. Women stare at me quite a lot. Some stare like as if we are boxers staring at each other before the fight. Creepy as hell.
Older women tend to flirt a lot. Younger girls – less. Anyway, 75% of the interaction is light teasing and flirting. Girls at the office open and loud at the way I dress and look right in front of me, as if on purpose, sometimes I can hear “look at Sasha’s white shirt, omygawd” as I walk by. Also, I can get away with any shit when talking with woman, they may get upset for a moment, but never keep anything against me for long. Whenever I approach a woman, chance of her being mean or rude are less than 10%, I never heard stuff like “eew, get away from me” or something similar.

Here’s an example. I went slow dancing with the new girl at the office party last week, saw something like group of five-six other girls at the table staring at me like baby owls at the piece of meat. Later on, after the dance, they started acting out like I cheated on them or something. So I went to karaoke bar to escape the drama. Next time I saw them at the workplace some of them suddenly started to apologize that they did not dance with me at the party. That’s weird, to be honest.



7. 6’1″ 180 pound fit male who has been rated many times at “9-10”. I’ve had opportunities to do modeling and been asked to do several casting calls while in public. Not as great as you would think. I get groped and have my ass grabbed a lot, not by “hot” girls either. I’m still nervous and awkward around very attractive women, this doesn’t go away with good looks. Women stare ALOT and openly sexually harass you.

As far as being treated better by people: my female professors jumped through hoops to help me with anything, but my male professors were always uncomfortable/very standoffish before getting to know me well. Guys will take any chance to openly belittle you in front of anyone else. Probably an insecurity thing.


8. Black guy here. I’ve always known that i was considered cute/attractive by black women. I’ll say i am an 8/10, not tall, too skinny, but i almost always end up with attractive women.

I was never really able to read white and asian women, i grew up mostly surrounded by whites and asian so I actually didn’t get that much female attention, therefore i was a little unsure where i stood physically.

Fast forward to present day…



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